Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Islamic Extremists Deported To Britain

That's right, they're so extreme, even the Islamofascists in Lebanon don't want them, but we seem more than happy to welcome them back. Errr, hello? Mr Blair? Mr Straw? Have you been watching the news recently? Islamic uprisings in Paris?

FOUR key lieutenants of Omar Bakri Mohammad, the banned Islamic cleric, have been expelled from Lebanon and deported back to Britain.

Their expulsion comes as the British authorities attempt to deport to Beirut a number of Lebanese radicals who have been identified as a terrorism risk. Bakri fled to Beirut, fearing that he would be arrested in Britain as part of the Government’s promised crackdown on so-called preachers of hate.

Bakri claimed that he had flown to Lebanon on holiday in August but Charles Clarke, the Home Secretary, banned the cleric from returning to his London home. The four men rounded up in Beirut were there helping Bakri to set up a religious school and are allegedly members of his banned al-Ghuraba group. Anjem Choudray, the cleric’s deputy, blamed the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for orchestrating their deportations. Whitehall would not comment on the case.

Bakri’s followers say he cannot find work. The cleric has claimed an estimated £250,000 in state benefits since claiming asylum in Britain 20 years ago. He has complained about being followed. Mr Choudray described his deportation from Beirut as “outrageous”. He said that the Government is deliberately trying to isolate Bakri by deporting anybody who tries to help him.

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