Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Peaches Geldof To Spend Fortnight At An All-Female Muslim Commune For A TV Documentary

The 16 year old daughter of Hobo look-a-like Bob Geldof (who still hasn't ended poverty in Africa) will be spending a fortnight "immersing" herself in Muslim culture in an attempt to "smash negative western preconceptions of the faith once and for all.". That's right dopey, tell us how really it is.

Daddy, daddy, please use the production company you co-founded to help get me on tv. Pleeeeeeeease!

Sir Bob Geldof's daughter Peaches will spend a fortnight at an all-female Muslim commune for a TV documentary - in a bid to remind viewers there is more to the religion than fundamentalism.

The feisty 16-year-old is determined to immerse herself in Islamic culture and smash negative western preconceptions of the faith once and for all.

She explains, "I want to learn more about the spiritual side of the Muslim religion to broaden people's minds away from fundamentalism.

"I'll be living with the women, meditating and learning a traditional dance, which the Chelsea girl in me is going to find a little embarrassing!"

Well, at least she's going into it with an open mind.


You know what? I wish more Muslims would learn about the "spiritual side of the Muslim religion."

There is, of course, Sufism, but, you know the Jihadis kill the Sufis wherever they find them, so I don't know if that one's going to spread very well.

For cripes sake.

Hey bro, if you want me to email you the sized-up version of the Saudi Embassy web page, I will. The way my wife did it, it looked better even at the LGF size.


Oh fuck there's no hope...

Check my latest dhimmi-Islamist fest folks!


What a fake. She should immerse herself in the culture of Iran or Saudia Arabia - not some Westernised sugar coated Hijabs are cool fest.


RE: documentary on BBC4

It is very good to hear that BBC will be broadbasting the documentary -A Beginner's Guide to Islam- in the autumn.

However, it is not clear whether the documentary has been completed or not. I am hoping that you have not started filming as I would like to share one of the web sites which I find very useful...

This link web site has been translated from a Turkish web site. My point is that we need to consider other ways of thinking of Islam rather than one of muslim countries understanding.

I do hope that you will spare some time to have a look at this link and maybe send it forward to programme makers.



Well, I watched the show, and my enduring feeling was that I never want to see such a spoilt, stupid, snotty nosed little brat on my screen again.

Her only redeeming moment for me was when finally arriving back in England, safe in her taxi home, she was able to briefly consider the fact that maybe the trip hadn't been a complete waste of time because it made her appreciate London more. Obviously the chance to shop managed to revive her.

Ironic that having been so unable to adjust or appreciate someone else's culture when immersed in it, she immediately praised her home soil for it's ability to embrace change. How sad she hadn't managed to make the leap earlier, in time to show a bit more respect and interest in someone else's way of life.

I also thought the women who guided her around and introduced her to their customs showed the patience of saints.

Next time you do a doc like that - please send anyone but her. It seems it may be impossible to broaden a mind that narrow...

Many thanks!



Peaches Geldof is a cunt


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