Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Jacko Blames Jews For Money Troubles

Wacko Jacko, the child lover, seems to have taken in far too much influence from the ever so peaceful anti white, anti-Jewish and general anti-Infidel organisations, the nations of Islam and the "fruit" of Islam :

[Michael Jackson and Nation of Islam Chief of Staff Leonard Farrakhan Muhammad (R with tie)]

Pop superstar Michael Jackson allegedly made a series of outrageous anti-Semitic comments on a voicemail message left for former advisor, Dieter Wiesner.

Lawyer Howard King, who represents Wiesner, allowed the tape to be played on US show Good Morning America yesterday.

The man, alleged to be Jackson, says, "They (Jews) suck. They're like leeches... I'm so tired of it... they start out the most popular person in the world, make a lot of money, big house, cars and everything.

End up penniless. It is conspiracy. The Jews do it on purpose."

On Monday Wiesner filed a GBP35.5 million lawsuit against Jackson, claiming fraud and breach of contract.

King also played tapes left with another of his clients and Jackson's former confidants, former porn producer Marc Schaffel.

In them, Jackson allegedly demands money is removed from an account he is not allowed access to and delivered to him in fast paper bags.

He is allegedly heard saying, "Marc, I really need you to get... $7 million for me as soon as possible... seven, seven and a half, umm, as an advance."

Schaffer - who is suing Jackson for GBP1.67 million in unpaid earnings and unreturned loans - says, "When he wanted large amounts, he would call and say supersize them."

Good Morning America was unable to verify the anti-Semitic message was left by Jackson, but claims it has confirmed the second message made to Schaffer requesting cash.

Schaffer and Wiesner were both unindicted co-conspirators involved in Jackson's child molestation case, at which the singer was acquitted.

It's not the first time Jackson has been accused of anti-Semitism - the New York Post reports that in 1996 song They Don't Care About Us, he sang, "Jew me, sue me," and "kike me, kike me".

Just in case any readers don't remember the song 'They don't care about us' which features the anti-Jewish lines ["Jew me, sue me, kike me, kike me"], it was written shortly after Jackson was accused of abuse by 13 year old Jordie Chandler. Jackson paid off the underage accuser (like I'm sure any innocent person would do) and soon after the trial ended released the song. Of course at the time Jackson claimed the lyrics were exposing the hateful stereotypes in society, but what no-one knew at the time was that Jordie was Jewish, in fact, at the time all details of the case were covered up. A swipe at the religion of the accuser? Nah, couldn't be.

(the Beeb has reported this, minus the anti-Jewish rant from Jackson. The beeb article states that Jackson sold rights that were not his to sell and was helped out of financial ruin by Wiesner)


You have GOT to be joking. This is just surreal - even for Jackson.

Well he's certainly cottoned on to the fundamentals of Nation of Islam quickly.


It's clear Jackson has been involved with the Nation of Islam, so we know they are an influence. But, we also know Jackson now lives in Bahrain. I'm sure there is a lot of influence there as well.

Sometimes it seems like anti-Semitism is simply another one of the symptoms of mental illness. That's a very curious thing, isn't it?


it could be something he picked of from his buddies in the middle east, from wiki :

-For four months after his trial ended, Jackson vacationed in Bahrain with Shaikh Abdullah Ben Hamed Al Khalifa, the Prince of Bahrain. In this time he also visited Dubai (United Arab Emirates). Jackson toured Dubai with UAE champion rally driver Mohammad Ben Sulayem-


i don't know what's more strange, him, or that he has so many fans. HEE HEE, Mutha F***as!

(now that I think of it, I should have used a bo selecta pic of jacko)


lol pastorius, you beat me to the bahrain connection.


guys, could you submit me any blog links to people who want to be listed as allies on ibloga (post them on the ibloga comments).

I should have it up and running in a few days.


i believe (my) uncle leo first quoted this but i am submitting it anyway;

it's quite obvious why jacko is converting to islam...well, mohammed married a 9-year-old, didn't he...

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