Saturday, November 26, 2005


Drumroll Please...Announcing The 'Infidel Bloggers Alliance'

Over the past week or so I have started up a "blog hub" which will act as a source for bloggers to find the latest and most important articles and blogs regarding the fight against worldwide Islamofascism. With the assistance of the admins from Cuanas, DrunkenBlogging and NoDhimmitude the site will feature daily links, extracts and headlines from up to 10-15 member blogs. Please visit the site at Ibloga and tell all your friends about it. At the moment as we are starting up, the blog will be active but not at it's full potential, which we should hopefully reach within a couple of months when our member list increases. If you have a blog, have a reasonable readership and would like to join please leave a comment, but spaces are limited so don't wait too long.
I'd also like to say a big thank you to all my regular readers and commenters who visit my site, without whom I would have probably given up by now.


Are there any requirements about language?
My blog is in Spanish...


our main audience will most likely be english speaking but i'll gladly take any contributions you have and list them after I put them through babel fish.

Maybe when we get a large enough readership you could help with a spanish language version ;)


Blueslord has a very good site, doesn't he? Well, from what I can understand of it, anyway.


John from Pedestrian Infidel would like to contribute as well. He also is a very good writer, and a very knowledgeable guy.

Wow, we're getting a good response. Maybe, I will hardly have to do any work.


How many guys is this? Dag, me, you, Pedestrian, Thomas the Wraith, Jones, and I haven't even contacted some of my other friends yet.

Wouldn't it be nice if each one of us only had to post once every couple of weeks.


Someguy, of Mystery Achievement would like to contribute. He has some very influential readers, including Charles of Little Green Footballs, and Front Page Magazine writer, Joseph D'Hippolito.


cheers pastorius, i'll check them out and add them to the allies either tonight or tomorrow


Hi J,
Yes another interested blogger.

I don't know him as well. But, I have looked at his blog on occasion. He seems like a good writer and he seems to be hitting the same stuff as us.


pastorius, just to let you know I havn't forgotten, i'm going to be adding the others later tonight. I'll e-mail you first to confirm all the people who want to join


Threat to anthem

MEDDLING cricket chiefs could ban the anthem Jerusalem from England’s home Test series against Pakistan next year in case it offends Muslims.

The English and Wales Cricket Board are worried about the words building the holy city "in England’s green and pleasant land”.

Ironically, a CD of the hymn by the Ashes-winning team is tipped to be Christmas No1 with proceeds going to Pakistan’s earthquake victims.,,2-2005550075,00.html


:) maybe they could replace it with an islamic prayer, or just change the name to 'al quds'. That should buy us a little more time from the religion of peacers.

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