Monday, February 27, 2006


The Persecuted Muslim Super Race

I'm not going to be posting for a while (if not indefinitely) due to the lack of comments being left, which I can only conclude means that I don't have anything interesting to say or post. So, I thought I'd go out on a funny article which should put a smile on your face in light of all the bad news lingering on our screens recently. Enjoy :

All the Iraqis fighting and killing each other over the bombing of the 1,200-year-old Askariya shrine in Samarra, Iraq, should all settle down and stop pushing Iraq to the brink of civil war. After all, it was the Jews that blew up the shrine, not radical religious elements within Iraq eager to continue the 1,400-year tradition of Sunni and Shiite Muslims slaughtering each other. At least that is what Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khameini say.

Oh wait, such a large scale, successful, attack could only have been accomplished with the collusion of the good old U.S of "Great Satan" A, chimes in Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah to an assembly of Shiite Muslims in Lebanon fresh back from their latest firebombing of a foreign embassy in their endless struggle to beat back the insidious western plot to conquer the Muslim world through political cartoons and assorted animated characters.

You see, the final stages of the plot have finally been uncovered by Iranian Education Ministry advisor, Professor Hasan Bolkhari, who has discovered that the loveable cartoon characters, Tom and Jerry, are not at all that loveable, but tools of the global Zionist plot to lull good Muslims into equating Jews with the mouse, Jerry, and liking them. Now, the scenario is complete. Tom and Jerry will distract the Iranian defense forces with their madcap antics as Bugs Bunny drives deep behind enemy lines to destroy all the Iranian military's weaponry by intermittently inserting little flags that shoot out with "bang" written on them and exploding small sticks of dynamite down their barrels. Once their defenses are down, Woody Woodpecker will lead a squadron of F-16's on a bombing run on Iran's nuclear facilities, whose locations where revealed by a group of "meddling kids" and their dog, as Superman blows away all of Iran's oil platforms with his super breath. Wonder Woman will provide intelligence from her invisible jet, as Green Lantern... Who can tell what Green Lantern will do? The Green Lantern is a JEW!

However, Pakistani Islamic leader Maulana Hafiz Hussain Ahmad really hits the nail on the head as he proclaims that is was the United States, Israel, AND India who all conspired together to destroy the Iraqi mosque. Makes sense since these are the same three powers that orchestrated the Indian Ocean Tsunami in late 2004 with their deep-sea nuclear weapons tests. Wait, the Tsunami was created by Allah to punish the infidels for celebrating Christmas. Or, was it to punish wayward Muslims for not beating their wives enough? Who knows? But the really important thing to remember is the Muslims are in no way, shape, or form, responsible for any of the problems that afflict them.

Sure must be nice. It is almost as though those who espouse to the Islamic faith have somehow been bestowed with a mantle of perfection which not just prevents them from ever doing wrong, but protects them from all criticism and scrutiny of their behavior as well. They must indeed be a super race.

The problem is the super race seems to assailed from all quarters by groups of evil, malicious, groups who have nothing better to do than make life harder for the people of a bunch of countries half of them never heard of before. Led by the most useless, nefarious, group of beings ever to set foot on the planet: the Jews.

So, is your country a virtual open cesspool of poverty, corruption, and violence led by a petty dictator or religious guru who lives in opulence as you boil rocks to eat? Blame the Euro-Anglo-Zionist "Keep Middle-Eastern People Poor Despite Giving Them a Bazillion Dollars a Year in Oil Revenue and Foreign Aid" plot.

Are you being forced to deal with the consequences of electing savage, terrorist thugs to replace the last bunch of savage, terrorist thugs you elected in the last time you voted to run your government? Blame the American/Israeli "For Some Reason Innocent Civilians Don't Like Getting Blown Up on a Bus" plot.

Earthquake? Blame the Germans. Domestic riots? Blame the English. Leaves blow back into your yard just after you finished raking them? Blame the international "Keep Your Front Yards Messy" conspiracy. But, above all else, blame the Jews. After all it was the Jews who fought back after being repeatedly attacked and threatened with extermination. It was the Jews who... Well, not much else, but they are still there so you are allowed to hate them.

No matter what Islamist defenders try to claim about the wrongs the United States and Israel have inflicted on the Palestinians and Islamic world as a whole, the current idiocy of concocting one conspiracy theory after another and blaming Western civilization for all of the travails that impact them is nothing more than the current flavor of the day for the Muslim world.

Jews were blamed for the fall of the Ottoman Empire in 1924, and the accusation that Jews used the blood of children for religious rituals appeared in Damascus, Syria, around 1840, 50 years prior to the Balfour Declaration and a full century before the foundation of Israel, are just two recent examples of the endemic anti-Semitism that some Muslims have harbored for centuries. And, conspiracy theories themselves have played a prominent role in the Muslim worldview almost since the birth of the faith with the assassination of the third Muslim Caliph Othman bin 'Affan during the original schism between the Sunni and Shiite branches of Islam.

The bottom line is the Islamic world has the habitual characteristic of blaming others for their own problems. Usually, they blame the group they currently hate the most, but there is always a scapegoat other than them for any problem. This is a fundamental weakness in Muslim society, and, as time goes on, will be an increasing impediment to the interrelations between Islam and the other cultures of the world.

If Muslims are ever going to integrate into the modern world, and if there is ever to be true peace between our civilizations, the Muslim world must stop making excuses and grow up.


I wouldn't interpret the absence of comments to a lack of interest in what you have to say. I visit your site almost daily to see if there's anything new posted, because your posts are very powerful. I have't left comments because the posting really says it all.


Yep I totally agree, good post! PS I read a lot of stuff on here but rarely leave a comment. Time is limited? Oops the above has said it as well.


ok, well as long as some people are reading, i'll keep posting. but if you see 4 posts go up and no one leaves any comments, just leave a mesg to let me know someone is out there, so i don't think i'm wasting my time posting for no one to read.

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I agree with waterdragon AND charlie. This site is read. I even get people coming over to my site from here. Are you keeping a site-meter? I am sure you are getting visitors, and as said above, lack of comments doesn't mean lack of interest by a long shot! Please keep it coming. I have in the past thought to send you something -- a link -- but wasn't sure where to put it because it wasn't really related directly to any of the articles and I didn't have an email address for private messages... Do you just want the links in a random post?


get your arse back here and carry on posting.

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