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Wanted : Have You Seen These 3 "Youths"?

Three men filmed by police taking part in Muhammad cartoon protests.

Hey, what are you complaining about? It only took roughly 3 months to make any calls for arrests over the 3rd of Feb terror rally held by Muslim fanatics in London. It wasn't like the police had any video footage available to them, through the public domain or otherwise.

Say what? A video was released through the NEFA Foundation shortly after the rally? Well, ok then, the police obviously did have footage available to them but what can they do now. I mean, obviously if this rally was that bad and people were breaking the law then arrests would have been made at the time, right?

What's the you say, people were breaking the law by calling for the extermination/beheading of non-Muslims and calling for the bombing of other countries, and repeats of the 7/7 suicide attacks.

Well, better late than never :

Scotland Yard was today forced to issue a public appeal for help in tracking down protesters it filmed during a demonstration against satirical cartoons of the prophet Muhammad.
You see, he's not just the Islamic prophet, he's THE prophet. :(

The Metropolitan police said they were still trying to trace three men who took part in the demonstration outside the Danish embassy on February 3.

During the protest, placards were paraded demanding the "massacre" of "those who insult Islam".

In the days following the demonstration, the police faced fierce criticism for not arresting demonstrators on the spot. They instead took video footage of the demonstration and said "arrests, if necessary, would be made at the appropriate time".

A Met spokesman said the men were "wanted in connection with serious public order offences which we believe may have been committed during the protest".
He defended the decision not make arrests at the time, saying officers policing the demonstration "had to weigh up" the effect their actions would have on the overall public order situation.

"We have already identified and charged a number of individuals in relation to the demonstration," he said.

At the time, police had said they did not want to inflame the situation.

A special squad, under the code name Operation Laverda, was set up by the Met's post-event investigation unit to review 60 hours of CCTV and footage and investigate 500 complaints from the public.

During the rally, some protesters held placards with slogans such as "Behead those who insult Islam" and "Europe will pay, the Fantastic 4 are on their way" - an apparent reference to the July 7 bombers who killed 52 people on London's transport network.

The only arrests made were those of two freedom of speech campaigners protesting in favour of the right to publish images of Muhammad.

The police's tactics sparked cross-party calls by MPs to pursue those responsible on the grounds that the threats were an incitement to murder.

Peter Hain, the Northern Ireland secretary, said the police should "bear down ... very heavily" on protesters acting in an "intolerable" way.

The shadow attorney general, Dominic Grieve, told GMTV it was "not a happy state of affairs" when demonstrators acting in such a way "don't end up under arrest before the demonstration is ended".

Six people have since been arrested in connection with the police investigation.

The London demonstration was one of a number of sometimes violent protests against the publication of images of the prophet - which is against Islamic tradition - in a number of European newspapers.
It also might interest some that the ever dhimmi, Al Guardian (where I have obtained this article) have linked to the motoons at the bottom of the page. I wonder, is hotlinking enough for a Fatwa?

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J, WTF is wrong w/the cops? Those photos are clear as a bell, I can tell you as a defense attorney they are of the topmost quality insofar as identifying "unknown" suspects. Why aren't they plastered on every streetcorner/tubestation/post office in London?

Does the Net have to do EVERYTHING for these moron Brit cops?

Sorry, J, but you guys need a few more massive terror bombings to awaken your're still in a coma. [siiiigh]


"Why aren't they plastered on every streetcorner/tubestation/post office in London?"

cause that would probably breach their human rights. and it would be racist (somehow)

p.s phil, what's happened to the meic? it's been down for a few days


yes, I tracked down Fremen, the site was hacked, so he had to shut it--it will re-open once the roaches have been fumigated out.

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