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Jew With Pride = Far Right Religous Racist Homophobic Fanatic

One thing I've noticed over the this past year of blogging is that there is nothing Jew-haters (and self hating Jews) hate more than a Jew who doesn't like to fade into the crowd. It really riles their blood when a Jew [an orthodox one at that] has the "nerve" to stand up for what he believes in, or who "dares" to resist the attempts of the "liberal" establishment to erase all visible religion and to supress religous learning/expression [except when it comes to the Religion O' Peace of course].
Well, before I bore you all to death, I'll get to the point. The Evening Standard [usually one of the few papers I will read] has an article by a Johann Hari [the genderless dope to the left in the picture below], and he seems to have his blood boiling all over the fact that one of those proud Jews has the nerve to sing and become popular at it.
Now, before anyone jumps down my neck, here is a video of Matisyahu singing, and I'd like you to let me know if you consider his unusual, yet catchy form of Reggae seems to be an open rallying call as the author puts it.

The following is a picture of the article, followed by the text from the article [click the picture for the full size image] :

Preaching hatred to the rhythm of rap...

It's not a joke. Matisyahu - the ultra-Orthodox rapping Rabbi from New York City - is not Sacha Baron Cohen with a new character. He really is a dark robed religous fanatic who won't stage-dive because of fears he might accidentally touch a woman, and sings in a cod Jamaican accent about the need to "return to Zion". (What next, and Amish version of Take That?)

But when I see his posters splattered over London, I feel pinpricks of rage. His songs might sound like pleasantly bland homilies, but in fact they are rallying calls for a particularly nasty misogynistic and homophobic far-Right strain of religous fanatacism. When he sings repeatedly "rebuild the Temple", anybody who has been to the Settlements in Israel/Palestine will know how this is interpreted - demolish the Muslim Dome of the Rock and rebuild the Third Temple on the rubble.

Calls for World War Three are not my idea of a sweet melody.

Ahhh Mr Hari, I wonder if you would ever dare criticise a Muslim singer based on your own hatred rather than facts. Ah, that's right, you can freely bash Jews all you want, but dare insult a Muslim and, well, we know what would happen.

update - it appears as though Mr Hari detests all religion, although it does seem that only Jewish reggae artists are fair game for his anger. (hat tips to the commenters for the info ;)


Wow! I had no idea that this kind of crap was published in Britain.
I bet that this guy don't even know what the far-right is and for some reason he mixes it up with normal patriotism and pride.
I would personally suggest that he should listen to some real far-right propaganda, for example some really crazy white-nationalism music and he would discover that Matisyahu's textes aren't even close to far-right.
I must feel sorry for the Britons. This kind of crap in your newspapers; seems like your running out of real news.


Har-Har-Hari can stick it up his/her junta...Oh, he/she wd probably LIKE that...

Twit par excellence.


Hari criticises Muslims all the time. Check out his website

He is always appearing on Islamophobia Watch and other websites being accused of "hating Muslims". He has even been attacked by the Dalai Lama after doing an aggressive interview with him.

He is critical of all religions, all the time, not just Judaism. You haven't got your facts right on this one.


Johan Hari does indeed strongly criticise Islam and Muslims he also attended the Freedom of Expression rally in Trafalgar. He is a supporter of Israel and a two-state solution, I believe :)

I think he is critising this Jewish rapper in oder to appear "balanced" and perhaps to gain credibility amongst his leftie friends.

But your point still stands. One word out of a Jew that's not submissive and lefty journalists jump all over them.


J, Anon is right, as I've taken the chance to review his website--Hari hates all religions.

However, the end result of his intellectual meanderings is to see the one small state where Judaism is honored deacefully destroyed by justifiably enraged Muslim hordes:

But don't worry, Mr/Ms Hari will write an indignant column when the Hamasofascists start beheadiing the women-adulterers.

As I like to say: It better someone do the right thing for the wrong reason, than the wrong thing for the right reason.


And what a load of bollocks "preaching hatred". I wonder how many Jews this will incite to kill non-Jews?

What is the consequence of this Jewish rapper anyway? Very little. However there are many Muslim rappers that preach hatred, and there is a very real danger when angry young Muslims listen to such rap, coupled with the Islamic duty of Jihad...


How ironic that this Hari was nominated for the Orwell Prize...

Orwell was notorious for accepting the logical consequences of his actions, and ridiculed those "principled" pacifists, socialists, etc., who pretended to hold precious moral positions that IN OBJECTIVE REALITY did nothing but help one or both of the great totalitarian monsters of his time (Hitler and Stalin).

Hari would be a prime target of the real Orwell for most (tho not all) of his positions.


thanks for clearing that up for me guys


I'm religious Jewish Israeli soldier (long title). The reason Matisyahu doesn't touch women is not because he thinks women are evil. It's out of respect for his wife!

One of the laws in orthodox Judaism is that a man not touch any other woman than his wife (except immediate family of course).

This is one of the most magical customs in Judaism that has made many marriages successful, romantic, and sacred. The wife doesn't touch men either.

Of course, many people on the left think it is a sin to deny the pleasures of touching whoever we want whenever want, no matter how our dearest loved ones will feel about it.

You can see Matisyahu's devotion to his wife in the song "Unique is My Dove" where he sings, "One woman for me, other half of my soul, your my Queen. One woman for me, other half of my soul, roots of my tree."

p.s. your blog rocks, except many of the links don't work for the videos:


yes Daniel, that's shomer negia right?

The touching women bit is from the article, not something I wrote.

Which videos did you have a problem with?

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