Friday, June 02, 2006


UK : Learn About The Wonders Of Jihad. For Free!

A free course on Islam run from Birmingham has gone nationwide in the face of increased demand from nonMuslims who want to learn about the religion.

The Islamic Correspondence Course covers the basic teachings of the Muslim faith and is aimed at people of all religions.

It is designd to allow people to learn about Islam from their own home and at their own pace.

Course founder Tahir Selby said it had been running for more than four years in the region and was now generating interest across the UK.

"Particularly in light of world events, there does seem to be increasing curiosity about Islam," he said.

There is plenty of demand for information that is simple and accessible. There is plenty of demand for information that is simple and accessible, and this initiative is one way of meeting it."

The course includes sections on Jihad, women in Islam, aand how the Big Bang theory and evolution fit into the religion.


hmmm... and how do u know all about it... ?


Be specific Jamal, do you mean Jihad???

Then my answer would be mostly from the internet.

From talking with moderate, to extremist Muslims, to researching various translations of the Quran/Hadeeth, and I'm sure the odd other few places that don't spring to mind at the moment.

Are you suggesting I take the course???

If I was ever going to take a course in Islam, it wouldn't be from an organisation that only targets non-Muslims.

Taqiya and all.


How does the Big Bang theory fit into Islam?

Three tons of ammonium nitrate seized in Canada. That could make one hell of a Big Bang.

P.S. Tuesday is Allah's Birthday - enjoy!!




is this not a good thing? at least then non miuslims cannot be accused of not understanding Islam?


Yeah, I was going to ask about that course treatment of Big Bang too ;-)

Now I know...

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