Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Reading Mosque Proposed To "Ease" Tensions

Or in other words, build us a new Mosque or we'll show our not so spiritual Jihadi side :

The first purpose-built mosque is to be built in Reading following an agreement between Muslim leaders and the council.

The £4m needed to build the new mosque on the corner of Wokingham Road and Green Road will have to be raised by the local Muslim community.

"The new Green Road mosque will be available to all Reading's Muslims and will be a facility of which we can all be justly proud," said Mian Saleem.

When the new facility is built the Alexandra Road mosque will be shut.

Facilities at the new building will include a prayer house, washing facilities, smaller prayer houses, a library, conference room, class rooms for male and female students, a meeting centre for older people and parking for 115 vehicles.

David Sutton, leader of Reading Borough Council, said: "These have been complex negotiations between the community leaders from the Alexandra Road mosque, the South Street mosque and others pushing for the new mosque, and I'm pleased we've managed to reach a fair and sensible arrangement.

"The new mosque will be a glorious building, a very classical design with curved arches and a splendid silver dome in the centre.

"We feel comfortable with these plans because the new mosque would have a social, as well as religious, function.

"The people involved have also assured us they will have a very inclusive approach, including the provision of proper facilities for women."

'Patience and understanding'

The agreement is seen as a thawing of relationships between the council and the Muslim community in the town after a Muslim festival was blocked over security fears.

Reading Borough Council stopped the Islam Fair, due to take place on 10 September in Prospect Park in Reading, over "heightened security concerns and community tensions".

At the time Muslim leaders described the decision as "shocking, disturbing and upsetting".

But following the deal over the mosque Mr Saleem, chairman of Pakistani Community Centre, said: "I am particularly grateful to Reading Borough Council for making the land available and for their patience and understanding."



True Hard Facts, no one can argue with

Most terrorists are (Arab) Muslims.

Most Muslims killed (even in the areas which they love to blame the west), have been murdered by other Muslims.

Most Arabs, Most Muslims are oppresssed by their own government, or most Arab Muslims regimes are extremely opprerssive.

Most hungry Muslims in the third world are rather fed by Christians & Jews.

Most hateful cartoons in the world appear in the Arab press ( http://memri.org , http://pmw.org.il, http://www.adl.org/main_Arab_World/default.htm).

Slavery today is exclusively by Muslim Arabs.

Most oil (& by it the power to dictate policies) are in Arab hands.

Most conflicts today, all over the world, involve Muslims against non Muslims.

Most Arab Muslim regimes are still that facist "not even giving Israelis the right to exist".

Most Arab Muslim "insurgents" - terrorists in Iraq are not Iraqis.

Most mass murder in Iraq are on the basis of inner facism Shiite - Sunnis.

Mosts Zionists are Christians.

Most ultra orthodox Jews do not serve in Israeli atmy, still they & they're children are as much a target by the racist Arabs / Islamofacists terrorists.

Most Arab 'Palestinians' are - vote for, support and back facist terror Hamas & it's call/attemps for genocide.

Most Arab women killed in Gaza ('Palestinian' death cult main city) are of that evil 'honor killing'.

Most crimes comitted in major European cities like: Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Bruxelles, Rome, Milan, etc. are by Arab Muslims (Moroccans, Algerians, Tunisians, etc.).

Most Arab Muslims in Europe are anti west (a tip of the iceberg showed itself in the 2005 massive cartoon-Jihad or the latest poll on British Muslims).

Most Arabs hate all Jews (polls show even in "moderate" countriers like Jordan http://pewglobal.org/reports/display.php?ReportID=248 ), most Israelis don't hate anyone.

Most aid groups dedicated tio helping 'Palestinians' impoverished by their cruel leadership are: Jews, Zionists, Israelis.

Most Israeli Arabs participate in Israel's democracy, vote, getting to high positions, etc. all Jews in Arab Muslim countries live in fear, in the shadow.

Most (online) searching (logging on) for the kinkiest, lost twisted sex are from Arab Muslim countries.




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