Monday, January 30, 2006


Al Qaeda Running UK Prison

A leaked document from Britain's high-security prison for terror suspects says a radical and violent Muslim inmate gang is recruiting inmates for al-Qaida.

The report obtained by The Mirror from the head of security at Belmarsh prison in London said a gang known as The Muslim Boys are terrorizing other prisoners, with beatings and slashings.

"Prisoners reported abuse, assaults, intimidation and threats," the document said after a December security review. "Some of the atrocities were carried out with impunity during associations causing victims to fear for their lives."

The report said corrections officers fear they are losing control of the prison, and said 32 cell phones and 191 stashes of drugs were found at the jail between July and December.

A source told the newspaper about 125 Muslim prisoners gather each week for a religious service, and six guards attend, but have no idea what they are talking about. Under Britain's human rights laws, the meeting cannot be recorded for translation.


Jeez dude, are you seeing what's going on over at IBA? We've got 32 people online at this very moment. Traffic is huge today, and from what I can tell it's mostly because of the Danish cartoon controversy.


i just got home and checked, its about 3 times as many people as usual and still going up.

check the statistics on mapstats at the bottom under 'breakdown for today'.
it shows all the search engine phrases and links.

looks like it really kicked off, maybe we'll even get an award soon ;)


You know what I love about IBA. You and I can quit if we want. At a certain point it's going to have a life of its own, and I won't even have to be involved.

Of course, I'm not saying I want to quit, but this is a lot of work. Someday, I will want to quit.


:) it would be funny if in a couple of years a whole new bunch of people are running it.

it may be worth keeping an admin membership on it though, just in case it ever gets out of hand


Interesting. Very similar headline at LGF . I wonder if LGF is scanning this blog... Or perhaps the old adage Great Minds Think Alike..


probably the second, although it would be funny to think that i started by grabbing the odd story from him, now he's taking them from me. but i doubt it.

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