Friday, January 27, 2006


Buy Danish And Norwegian Products!

Our friends over at the Infidel Bloggers Alliance have been discussing the boycotts being threatened against Denmark and Norway by the Islamic world over the publishing of several cartoons in national papers depicting the Islamic "prophet" Mohamed (such as the following) ;

It looks like the boycott is now official, with certain Islamic sites listing products for the Ummah to collectively NOT buy :

Click either picture for the Infovlad link. Oh, and make sure you go out of your way to buy all the products listed above ;)


Oh no not another Theo Van Gogh?


the difference this time is that so many papers (and blogs) have published the cartoons that you don't have just one guy taking credit, but all of us.

it makes it harder for certain "youths" to find a target (specific infidel) to "take out".


I never could stand people without a sense of humour.


Police confirm no charges to be brought against Sir Iqbal Sacranie
Monday 23 January 2006
"We are naturally very pleased by this news. To be honest, we thought it somewhat surprising when we heard that Sir Iqbal was being investigated by the police for merely articulating the mainstream Islamic viewpoint about homosexuality. We believe it is very important for faith leaders like Sir Iqbal to uphold the integrity of the family unit and underline its role in strengthening society," said a spokesperson at the Muslim Council of Britain.


But, J, Norwegians (at least some of them) are bocotting our products.

Oh, what a mess. I shall go a take some more Advil, made in unboycotted US of A...


"But, J, Norwegians (at least some of them) are bocotting our products."

do you mean they're boycotting US products? i hadn't heard about this.


hammas demand israel change flag.


I wish they'd boycott all infidel products. Then they'd be truly fucked. No weapons, no computers, no medical equipment...


God, I love you guys... Filled with as much hate as the people you try to look bad. Whatevah!


"Filled with as much hate as the people you try to look bad"

i dont know what this means, but thanks anyway. for real examples of hate i suggest you watch the video to the left of my page, the one with the "pali princesses" (just like you) who asks for guns so she can kill jews. now thats hate.

Maybe you could also look to your own people who just voted in a hateful islamofascist terror organisation to represent them as a "nation".


Is 'Palestinian Princess' is for real? Perhaps I'm being extremely cynical...



I find it weird that a Muslim cleric in the UK living off our taxes can deliver sermons to his followers that England is like living in a toilet and that we are all infidels and pigs yet we tolerate this garbage. In Denmark a newspaper publishes a picture of the prophet Mohamed with a bomb in his turban and the whole of the Muslim world has a dickey fit and organises trade sanctions against western products, modernity against feudalism writ large, free speech they have never heard of it, tolerance sod that.

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