Monday, January 16, 2006


Abu Hamza Videos - A Look Behind The Headlines

Over the past week several videos have been played to the jurors in the trial of the Islamic supremacist, Abu Hamza, the one time Cleric at the Finsbury park mosque, London.
I have noticed that there was very little available on the internet in the form of video/audio clips relating to Hamza, thus making it that little bit more difficult for some bloggers to give examples of Hamza's hate speeches and incitement.
I have personally decided not to post on the Hamza trial for many reasons, the main ones being that I doubt he will be convicted, and if he is he will be given a very light sentence or maybe even deported, enabling him to spread his hate from elsewhere (thus I don't want the anti-climax that I felt at the end of the OJ/Jackson trials). Secondly a lot of blogs are posting details of the trial and I try and keep my posts related to news that is exclusive or under reported.
So to help out my blogging buddies (and the rest of you) I will add links to the Hamza hate speeches so if you are posting about the trial you can have some evidence to back up the news reports.
Note : I do not condone anything in the following links or speeches. I have posted these only for reference and to assist those looking for proof of "Captain Hook's" hate sermons.

Various Short Hamza Speeches -

Hamza Hate Speech [In Arabic] (near the bottom on the left) - [to download the video directly right click and save this link)

The Following two links are sites run by supporters of (and possibly set up by) Abu Hamza. The first has active links. All the links on the second site seem to be broken, but I will post it for reference anyway.
Before I post the following links, I would like the reader to be aware of the significance of these sites, the fact that they are being run in the UK and the history of the domain name (extract from Glen-Jenvey) :

"There are many indications suggesting a strong connection between Al Hamza, al-Qaida and Osama bin Laden. For example. Bin Laden's official website (closed in Aug. 2001) was deleted april 2003. Abu Hamza's was deleted April 2003."
Although these two sites are reported to have closed down, there are sites with the same agenda/cause (and possibly set up by the same people as that go by the title 'Supporters Of Shariah' (same as Bin Laden's/Hamza's sites) and they are both filled with (and dedicated to) the hook handed Cleric's speeches :

Mostly Audio Speeches (there are video but they are OT) - - (click the audio button on the top right section of the navbar) - This Site Clearly Supports Hamza/Bin Laden and other Islamoterrorist leaders.

What Seems To Be Hamza's Official [.org] Site (also goes by the name 'Supporters Of Shariah') - - All Audios Files In This Site Appear To Be Broken.


wheres the outcry from the muslim world.

An Iraqi sailor was killed and nine were captured by an Iranian Navy vessel during a skirmish in the Gulf near the southern Iraqi city of Basra, an Iraqi official said Tuesday.
Basra Gov. Mohammed al-Waeli told The Associated Press that the clash happened Saturday after an Iraqi Navy ship spotted a suspicious merchant vessel flying an Iraqi flag.
Al-Waeli claimed the merchant ship radioed Iranian forces for help and an Iranian Navy ship attacked the Iraqi patrol, killing one sailor and detaining nine others, including three officers.
No comment was immediately available from Iranian officials.
It was not immediately clear on which side of the Shatt al-Arab waterway, or Arvand River, the incident took place.
The waterway runs along the Iran- Iraq border and has long been a source of tension between Iran and Iraq. The 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war broke out after former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein claimed the entire waterway.,2933,181861,00.html


glen jenvey .com is nothing to do with abu hamza. he's in fact the guy who caught hamza. and falsed the british police to take action.


i know that, i tip the extract as from glen-jevney's site, it is only the following links from sos that are hamzas sites


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