Friday, January 13, 2006


Brainwashing The Toddlers For Allah The Merciful

As promised (many months ago) here is the third part of a three part series (with "human shields" being a fourth supplementary part which I will be posting in the following weeks), that I call 'brainwashing for Allah the merciful' (click to view part 1 or part 2).
A couple of things I would like to point out before we get to the pictures are that firstly you will notice the children in the pictures are of all different races and from all different countries, which is strange when you consider the media [and the Arab Muslim leaders] claim that these children are 2nd/3rd generation descendants of a people indigenous to Gaza/Judea/Samaria/Israel (the so called "palestinians") who's only desire is to return to their "homeland". Are Africans and Indonesians native to Gaza??? I don't think so. I point this out to make the uninformed aware that the Islamo-Terrorist movements for a "palestinian" state have nothing to do with the return of an indigenous people, but are working for the establishent of a 23rd Muslim terrorist state in the middle east by destroying Israel and exterminating all Jews within Israel's borders (all with the help of western media, celebrities and politicians).
Secondly, these children are not fighting the "occupiers" (Muslim code for Jews/non-Muslims) with stones and rocks, but with the weapons you see in the pictures. Which is another thing that the MSM would rather you not know as public sympathy for the not so peaceful "palestinian" Islamic cause would decline in an instant and it might just make people look at the situation from a wider angle.
I'd also like to apologise for any long loading times this is going to cause on the blog for the next week or two.
So, without further adieu, here are the pics :

The video the above picture was taken from is available for viewing on the left hand column (or click here for the link)


I think what you fail to understand 'j' is a legitimate response to Israeli agression.



well, when I look at it from a "liberal" POV, I can understand why the Arabs need to use armed babies and toddlers to fight off the "colonialist occupiers"

/moonbat off


My goodness. This is horrible. How on earth a normal human being can dress a baby that cannot even walk this way?


wow these pictures are really tragic. its hard to feel like theres any hope for a better future between the west and the arab world when children are being brainwashed from such a young age to conform to their parents' hateful beliefs.

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