Friday, January 06, 2006


Galloway To Give BB Winnings To Terror Funding "Charity"

As most UK readers will know, 'Gruesome George' (George Galloway) is living in the Big Brother house [Elstree]. What some may not know is that the charity George is donating his winnings to is considered a money front for Hamas by the US treasury. Hamas is an Islamic terrorist organisation that has been involved in countless terror attacks against Israeli civilians and is comitted to the extermination of all Jews inside Israel. The Independent also reported that Israeli officials have documents that show Interpal has funnelled millions of Euros directly to the families of Islamic suicide bombers.

Gruesome George [looking eerily similar to an infamous German dictator]

THE charity Galloway is donating his Big Brother money to had links to the terrorist group Hamas, court prosecutors claimed.

Interpal was named last year on a charge sheet in the Israeli trial of a man accused of channelling £6.2million to back terror and suicide bombers' families.

There is no suggestion Interpal knew its cash went to terrorists.

Interpal insists it is "a non-political, non-profit-making charity that focuses solely on the provision of relief and development aid to the poor and needy of Palestine".

Prosecutors in Jerusalem said Hamas activist Ahmed Salatna, 43, diverted cash from charities like Interpal away from good causes.

The court was told money went to the family of a bomber who blew himself up in Jerusalem in August 2001, killing 15 people. But it was not revealed at the remand hearing where it originated.

In 2003 Interpal's accounts were frozen by the UK and US governments.
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