Saturday, December 24, 2005


Norwegian Regional Parliament Rules To Boycott Israel

Norway: Parliament shuns Israeli products

A regional parliament has ruled to boycott Israeli products in protest of 'Israel's oppression of Palestinians'; ADL condemns ruling, says 'decision only serves to exacerbate tensions and ill-will'

The Norwegian parliament in the Sor-Trondelag region ruled Saturday to boycott products made in Israel and to forbid the sale and purchase of Israeli goods.

It is estimated that the decision, determined by a parliamentary vote, was made due to Norway's stance that Israel oppresses the Palestinians.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) strongly condemned the ruling Wednesday, saying that "this decision does nothing to promote Israeli-Palestinian reconciliation, but only serves to exacerbate tensions and ill-will."

"It is shocking and ironic that this one-sided boycott effort comes at a time when Israel is making a series of dramatic steps toward peace, including the recent withdrawal from Gaza," ADL Director Abraham Foxman said in a press release following the incident.

In a letter to Norwegian Ambassador to the U.S. Knut Vollebaek, the ADL expressed concern over the bias stance taken by the regional parliament in regard to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

"Boycotts against Israel are predicated on odious comparisons to apartheid-era South Africa,"
the letter said. "It is our sincere hope that the Norwegian government will condemn this unjust decision and take necessary measures to secure its reversal."


Norwegian parliament in the Sor-Trondelag region...

Wow! I promise that Elders will put a real bad voodoo on Norwegian parliament in the Sor-Trondelag region and the Sor-Trondelag region as a whole.

We'll start with them not seeing the sun more than two months a year.

What? They don't already? Hmm...

Couldn't we just say they are punished enough?


If Israel actually DID have a "state terror" apparatus worthy of the name, this is where it wd come in real handy. A few kilos of plastique in the Sor-Trondelag parliament cafeteria at lunchtime, then a prompt offer of Israel's world-class emergency medical technicians to help patch up the smithereened Norwegians...GREAT FOR GOODWILL!

"I've always found you accomplish a lot more with a kind word, and a gun, than just a kind word alone."




Great news. With a few more countries joining up, maybe the oppression will cease.


lol, the arab muslims in gaza/judea/israel have the highest living standards of any arab muslim in the entire middle east.

So what constitutes oppression?

Living under non-muslim rule!

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