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Lebanese Muslim Student - We Should Burn The Jews Like Hitler Did

What I find unusual about Jew haters and Holocaust deniers is that one minute they claim the Holocaust never happened, and the next they're calling for another one (thanks to Jonz for the Telegraph Link) :

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Transcript :

Following are excerpts from a symposium of students at Universite Libanaise, hosted by Hizbullah's Al-Manar TV, and broadcast on November 29, 2005.

Mediator: The Arab regimes have all accepted the establishing of a Palestinian state on the territories of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. In other words, the 1967 borders only. They believe that the reality and the balance of power do not allow more than that at this stage. Do you support this "realism," or do you adhere to what has come to be known as the historical, original Palestine? Let us... Let us... Go ahead.

Student 1: My name is Hisham Sham'as, and I study political science. I just want to say everyone is talking about...

Mediator: Please address the question.

Hisham Sham'as: The state shouldn't be only within the 1976 borders... Or rather, 1967... Israel must be wiped out.

Mediator: You mean, reviving the motto of erasing Israel from the map.

Hisham Sham'as: Israel should be completely wiped out, so the Palestinians will have a country to return to.

Mediator: If someone tells you this motto is unrealistic, how would you respond?

Hisham Sham'as: There is no such thing as unrealistic. Just as Israel... Just like Hitler fought the Jews – We are a great Islamic nation of Jihad, and we too should fight the Jews and burn them.


Student 2: Avian flu hit the entire world, and they are trying to find a cure for it now. As
for Israel – the only cure for it is to wipe it off the map.


Mediator: What's your name?

Student 3: Mahmoud Fakhri. I hope what I have to say is not too inciting.

Mediator: Go ahead and incite. This is what we're looking for. We want some action.

Mahmoud Fakhri: In all honesty, the Arab people should overturn the disappointing regimes.

Mediator: Now you are really inciting...

Mahmoud Fakhri: In all honesty, any disappointing government that wants to normalize relations with the Zionist enemy and to sell out the Arab cause, and especially Jerusalem – the people must topple this regime and have its say.
On a lighter note, US intelligence has finally (after four years) started to look at the "root causes" of the terrorist threat the US faces. That's right, the pentagon will finally try and discover if Islam is the force behind the Islamic terror threat that the American people face. The answer sounds obvious I know, but I guess it needs the official stamp.

One of the main factors being discussed is whether Islam IS radical, or whether there is a new version of Islam (not true to the roots) that has become radicalised.

Well, maybe I can help clear this up. Do a search for 'Islam Is Uncorrupted' and see the results. If you can't be bothered to search, you will find that Muslims do believe the Quran is uncorrupted and in it's original form. Every Muslim I have ever know claims that Islam IS the uncorrupted ramblings of Allah the Arabic moon deity.

Now what I'd like to know is what version of Islam is there that has been "corrupted"? You know what I mean, when non-Muslim reporters and politicians talk about this "corrupt" radical version of Islam, what are they talking about?
Is there a Quran that none of us have seen? A corrupted version that Muslims themselves deny the existence of? Maybe they've been hidden inside normal looking Qurans and that's why we keep finding all the references to Jihad and killing the non-believers. But I highly doubt it. I mean, if this was the case, then where is the peaceful version of the Quran?

Well maybe, just maybe, the US policy makers can come to the obvious conclusion, take the lead in anti-Dhimmitude and tell the world once and for all that there is no "corrupt" version of the Quran that only the radicals have access to and that it is the Quran that all Muslims use that contains the extremism, hatred, "Jihad" and world domination ideology.

Sir Winston Churchill once described the Quran as "the 'Mein Kampf' of war. Maybe he was ahead of his time when it came to resisting dhimmitude, but I like to think that he knew that appeasement would eventually bring about the Jihad that is being waged in "Dar al Harb" as we speak. Especially when I think of this great Churchill quote :
"An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile - hoping it will eat him last"

Will America's leaders finally stop feeding the Crocodile and wake up to the threat that all of western civilisation faces? Or will it be another four years of the 'Religion of Peace' line?


Hey J,
Our newest member on Infidel Blog Alliance is Baron Bodissey from Gates of Vienna. Isn't that cool?


not bad at all


J, I think you're being a bit unfair to us gringoes. We do have a lot of silly bureaucrats, but... who's wiped out more filthy jihadis than anyone else? Come on, it ain't like we sat on our bums these last 4 years...


That's kind of a good point, J. Even though you and I are on the same team, why are you picking on Americans?

Dude, look at the history.


My point was that America always take the lead when it comes to fighting off an enemy. Especially in the last 60 years.

And yes you're right, America has kicked some serious Jihadi ass over the last 4 years. But GW seems to ignore the countries that are the real source of the problem.

Saudi, Iran, Syria, Egypt etc.... We still hear about them being supposed "allies" in the war on terror. (well, not syria and iran, but you know what I mean)

Maybe it's a tactic, I don't know, but from where I stand it looks like the president is doing far to much hand holding with saudi princes, and not enough taking a stand on who the funders, supporters and creators of terror really are. Think about it like this, after 9/11, those in the leadership put up a protective shield over the saudis. Even though 15 of the hijackers were saudi and saudi royals had funded the attacks.

Don't take my last comment on the post as a personal attack against Americans. It is aimed more at some in the leadership, although I might have made it a bit general. I would say exactly the same about the British, the rest of Europe and Israel who have also been playing the appeasing game, even though they have joined in on the war on terror.
I just know that it is the US that will have the make the first move.


Bush is still in the courtship stage with Saudi Arabia where you hug and kiss and tell them they are so great, give them money, do things for them...You know. Plus Egypt needs to be kept paid off so that they don't join in against Israel or do some other stupid things.

While this is going on, Bush is getting his, not much, but keeping the world's oil supply flowing and Israel a little safer...for now.

Just you wait for the breakup, it may not be Bush, but the next President, but sooner or later we will be able to say shape up or else.

Before that, we have Iran to worry about and of course her little whore sister, Syria.

We have two years before the 12th Iman will come and make the President of Iran his deputy.(so he says) Then we better stop worrying and talking and start shooting.

Papa Ray
West Texas


wow, great find, I'll try to remember later this evening and get a few souls to come check this out.



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I agree. Burn those stingy, cheap ass Kikes.


Kill exterminate every effin jew in America. Stop Zionist Terroism

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