Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Ahmadinejad - Palestinian Issue Is Not About A Certain Geographical Region, It Is About Victory Of Islam

With comments from REAL Muslims like this, why do western "liberals" still say the middle east conflict still has nothing to do with the Islamic supremacist ideology? (bear in mind this is from an Iranian news source, thus the lack of reference to Hamas being a terrorist group) :

--"The Palestinian movement does not belong to a certain geographical region, rather, it is a movement that will define the future fate of Islam on behalf of Muslim Umma and this is the very reason why Islam's enemies are so sensitive toward the Palestinian issue" said President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a meeting with leader of Palestinian movement, Hamas in Tehran.

The president saying that the issue of Palestine is the issue of the entire Muslim Ummah stressed that it was the duty of all Muslims to be at the service of the Palestinians' cause.

"Victory comes from God and the secret for gaining victory over enemies is trusting in God and maintaining earnestness," he added.

I think it might be worth adding that it is unlikely Ahmadinejad used the word 'G-d', rather he would have used the word Allah. This is an important distinction. Why you may ask? Because the Islamic deity [Allah] calls for the extermination of Jews, whereas in Christianity and Judaism, G-d says to love the Jews. Thus Allah and G-d are not the same.
For more information on the deceptions of Islam, why Allah is Satan and "Jesus" of the Muslims is the anti-Christ, click here for a very informative audio clip.


Wow, you surprise me, J. I didn't know you were so hardcore, like me.

I just don't bother articulating that one, because I figure it will just lose me converts to understanding that Islamofascism is evil.

Well, you can know that I am in agreement with you.


I know what you're saying, but i think sometimes people just need it spelled out for them.

With things such as instructions in the quran to cut the heads of the non believers, people should find it obvious that the quran is what it is, an unholy book this preaches the polar opposite of the religions that Muslims claim Islam supercedes.

I remember when I first listened to the clip. Most of the stuff on it I already knew, but had never put 2 and 2 together until it was put in such basic terms with such good explanations.


I also think that anyone I'd lose to having put the issue in truthful terms, doesn't really understand the severity of all this, and they're the ones that need to hear the clip and be told the basics more than anyone.


j take a look at this:


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