Monday, December 12, 2005


Al Qaeda Claims Responsibility For July 7th London Suicide Attacks

Anyone who lives in the UK can confirm that little has been made public regarding the investigation into the July the 7th attacks.
One of the most commonly asked questions I hear is which organisation carried out the attack? Not only the July 7th attacks but the attempted bombings two weeks later on July the 21st that (thankfully) failed. Failed not due to police apprehension but due to the bombs not detonating properly.
So to answer some questions is not an MP or a government spokesman, he is the deputy head of Al Qaeda. Oh and he says that his terrorist organisation carried out the attacks :

Click the Picture (or here) to see the video(via Memritv)

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It operates as a network comprising both a multinational, stateless army and a radical Sunni Muslim movement calling for global Jihad and a strict interpretation of sharia law. It has been designated as a terrorist organization by the United States, the United Kingdom, various other countries, the United Nations Security Council, the European Union, and NATO.

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