Sunday, December 04, 2005


Trafalgar Square, Islamic Pro Terror Rally Video - Updated Link

I have uploaded the video of the Islamic pro terror rally that was held in Trafalgar sq, London, 30/10/2005, to a new direct link.

The video is located at the bottom of the new window. Right click the link, choose save target as and the video file should appear in the save box. If a '.htm' link shows up in the save box instead, it just means the server is busy, try again a couple of times or wait a few minutes, then try again.

Details (the video becomes quite heated at about 26 minutes in) ;
The "peaceful" marchers are holding the rally at the base of Nelson's Column, they repeatedly call for the destruction of Israel, use children to promote their hate, hold lenghty Islamic prayers, have police protection, and several are draped in the Hezbollah flag, which is the flag of an Islamic terrorist organisation that has carried out numerous attacks against Israeli civilians.

For more information on the hate rally please click this previous link.


How sad for Jews to have to witness such a thing! Good for you that you filmed it! How many were there? Would one dare stage a counter demonstation supporting Israel?

Congratulations on an excellent work! The blog is so professional!


concheet? from meic????

there were a couple of hundred of them there.
we went a week or so later to an israeli expo to do a little counter demo but there were so few of them (about ten brits holding copies of the socialist worker and end the occupation signs) we didn't bother, just ended up going into the expo.


I've been hoping to get the 'London chapter' for interested but to no avail... :(

There's been sporadic moments of interest.. The only one's I know are the UBA - who can get upto a hundred people gathered - I am a registered on their forums but unfortunatley they're mostly football 'enthusiasts' and quite rowdy!


jonz, just to let you know, I got some interest from zombie, at zombietime, I'm going to try and get some higher quality pictures and see if he wants them.



Article - Islamic Fascists call for genocide of non-Muslims

Conservative Truth ( has published pictures from a recent demonstration of Islamic Fascists in London, England:

Religion Of Peace Demonstration
June 5, 2006, London, England

The pictures Above interspersed in the previous article are of Moslems who marched through the streets of London during their recent Religion of Peace Demonstration.
These pictures have never been shown in any of our American newspapers or television news programs because we are so 'politically correct' that we don't want to 'offend' anyone!

The Photos can be found on all of the following links.


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Holy shit!
I hate to realize that things are going that wrong around all over the world.
I wish we were used to live our lifes in a different way, I would like to give peace a chance, as J Lennon said.

This affair is such a shame, owing to the fact that many innocent people will keep suffering till they die, I just hate to know it.

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