Wednesday, December 28, 2005


"Palestinian" Terrorists Kidnap 3 Britons

Biting the hand that feeds you update :

Unidentified gunmen kidnapped three foreigners in the southern Gaza Strip on Wednesday, residents said.

A Palestinian police source said those abducted in the town of Rafah were believed to be Britons, including a woman who worked with a local human-rights group. There was no immediate claim of responsibility.

Palestinian police said the kidnappers' car was spotted heading north, and that a pursuit was under way.

A representative of an EU force monitoring the Rafah border crossing to Egypt said he was unaware of the incident.

The incident was the latest in a series of abductions in Gaza that has undermined Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas' attempts to establish order in the coastal strip following Israel's withdrawal this summer.

Recent kidnappings of foreigners in Gaza have ended without bloodshed and with the hostages being released unharmed.

In most cases, the kidnappers were seeking jobs in the Palestinian security forces, the release of imprisoned relatives or other personal matters. Abbas' critics have accused him of giving in to kidnappers' demands, thereby encouraging more abductions.

Frank McGinley, a duty officer with the British consulate general in Jerusalem, said his country was investigating the report but had no further comment.
Why does the media brush off every Islamo-terror tactic as merely a cry for help, or more specifically in this case, a cry for a job. Maybe it's just me but I don't know anyone who got bored looking for employment and decided to carry out a spate of kidnappings instead.


I don't know about that, I had a thought one time when I interviewed for a job about kidnapping and doing really great things with the lady that interviewed me.

Sorry, that just slipped out, I know that is not what you were thinking about.

Your right as usual, the media is our worse enemy. I wish I knew a way of getting rid of them without going to jail.

Papa Ray


lovely state, just lovely...


the only way we can combat this, is by having a right wing media outlet. I get so angry flicking through 20 news stations and seeing the same "liberal" crap on all of them.

Like on the beeb yesterday. They called the Muslim terrorists who took over the Beslan school, "separatists".
It's terrorist, not ****ing separatist you dhimmi fools. :(


The latest beef on that kidnapping is that it was not for ransom, but to force Israel to leave alone the newly declared buffer zone in the northern Gaza. To let JI and all the other "alphabet soup" gangs lob their Qassams more conveniently.


check out my latest post, and yes I think you are right

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