Saturday, December 31, 2005


"Kidnapped" Britons Released - PR Stunt Goes Well

Kate Burton Looking Terrified? (where are the "kidnapped" parents? Holding the camera and mic?)

A British human rights worker kidnapped in Gaza with her parents has spoken of their ordeal following their release.

Kate Burton, 24, told the BBC they were treated well by their kidnappers during the two-and-a-half days they were held, but that her parents were "tired".

Their captors, a previously unheard of group called the Mujahadeen Brigades, released a video denouncing the UK and threatening to take more hostages.

She spoke of her sadness that her parents had had such a "desperate experience" during their visit to Gaza, but said she hoped to continue her human rights work there.

She added that she could not say a bad word about her captors, who always asked whether they needed anything.

The UK Foreign Office, who had a team of diplomats in Gaza, said it was pleased to confirm Kate, Hugh and Win (Helen) Burton had been freed and were "well and in good spirits".

The previously unknown group made a list of demands and urged Britain to put pressure on Israel.

They said if their demands were not met they would capture international observers in the forthcoming elections.

Was this a kidnapping? Or was this a good way to get the media to focus on the demands of Gazas Islamic terrorists, while trying to portray them in as good a light as possible?

I know what some of you are thinking, crazy conspiracies etc... So where are the kidnappers? Obviously they would have tracked them or arrested them as Ms Burton and her family were released?


Its smells to me, not sure of what, but it has a strong stench.

Papa Ray


Come by, J, we have something to say about it.
Have a good year.


She's definitely smiling in the picture.


poor girl feels sorry for them as she understands their plight. THIS GIRL BEEN DHIMMIFIED !!!!


Well, I thought maybe she was a convert... that seems to be helpful if you want to avoid getting your throat sliced. But as you noted, she looks about as frightened you might expect for someone new to the 5 minutes of fame game, like ...uh, certainly not terrorised!

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