Sunday, January 08, 2006


It's Always About Israel

Jon Snow - (channel 4 news reporter)

One of my biggest issues with the mainstream media is the way that not only are news reports themselves biased against Israel, but the newsreaders and journalists are too.
Sometimes this
bias is obvious for all to see. Somtimes it's sickeningly OBVIOUS. Although a lot of the time it can be so subtle that it passes right by you.
Which brings me onto the following
clip from channel 4 news. It is a discussion regarding the effects of political correctness on reporting facts in the news and whether PC mindsets are holding back the truth in some reporting.

Watch the video from about 4 minutes and 20 seconds in, where the lady being interviewed discusses the Murdoch press, where Jon Snow then goes on to say ;
"can I just mention one of the things you bring up which is Israel".
The lady did not bring up Israel, at all. Yet Jon Snow goes on to claim that the media is afraid to criticise Israel for fear of being labelled anti-semitic. Now, unless you've being living in a cave for the last 5 years, you would know that the one country that is most criticised in the press IS Israel. What disturbs me even more, is that the discussion had nothing to do with Israel, but mainly Islam, Africa and racism. Mr Snow goes on to change the subject to Israel once or twice more before the end of the clip.
Don't take my word for it though, watch the video and judge for yourself.

(oh, and before you say that he was referring to something the article mentions, the article, here, only brings up Israel to point out that the media DOES unfairly criticise and attack Israel)


Well, J, since you mention Bin Laden, I think that he won't ever be found by Western forces. But it's all Bush & Blair's fault. Now you mention it.


ok Jonz, so let's talk about something you brought up, the French riots, which we all know was caused by poverty, oppression, the jooos, Tony Blair and George Bush. Since you brought it up.


Funny you should say that, I was just thinking about the fluctuation in price of dutch bacon as well! And how it's a Zionist plot to opppress the Palestinians. It's fun being a looney lefty isn't it? You can just make stuff up, willy nilly, with complete disregard for the truth...


lol, truth is for zionists and infidels, control of the media is what counts

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