Sunday, January 15, 2006


Attack On Russian Synagogue Thwarted

A 19 year old Russian man has been sentenced to 5 days in Jail for an attempted attack on a Synagogue. He states that he was "inspired" by an earlier attack on a Russian synagogue where several worshippers were stabbed :

A 19-year-old Russian man was sentenced to five days in jail Saturday for an attack on a synagogue a day earlier in the southern city of Rostov-an-Don, in the second such incident in Russia in the past week.

The summary proceedings and sentencing came the morning after the man had forced his way into a synagogue and threatened several worshippers there with a broken bottle. Police arrived on the scene to overpower the attacker.

The accused man said he carried out his attack after seeing on television the reports about Wednesday's incident in a synagogue in Moscow by a 20-year-old who allegedly wounded eight worshippers with a knife.

On Friday, Russian authorities charged that attacker with racially-motivated attempted murder and causing grievous bodily harm. Of the eight persons stabbed in the Moscow synagogue, four were still in hospital.

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