Sunday, March 12, 2006


Leader Of Scottish Tories Calls For Embrace Of Judaeo-Christian Ideals

Just as I have been telling close friends that my support for the Conservatives has been dropping recently, admittedly due to what seemed like an adoption by some Tories of Labour/Socialist ideals, I read an article like this and [some of] my faith is restored.

FWIW the "critisism" over his remarks seems to have come from the 'Muslim Association of Britain'. Sound familiar? Well it should do as one of their most vocal members is Azzam Tamimi, a man who is regularly used as a "moderate" Muslim by media outlets such as Channel 4 or the BBC. Except that he isn't that moderate, especially when you consider his support for Islamic terrorism, his advocation of suicide attacks against Jews (even suggesting he would become a suicide bomber if it meant he could kill Jews), thinly veiled threats against the west and his public speeches where he calls for Hezbollah and other terrorist organisations to overthrow sovereign states and impose Islamic law. [ click here for a video clip which shows Tamimi in his true light ]

Well, now that I've cleared that up, here is the article :

THE deputy leader of the Scottish Tories has been criticised after calling on his party to embrace ideas reflecting the "Judaeo-Christian tradition".

Murdo Fraser, the Conservative MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife, also said he could not support proposals for same-sex adoption.

He said his colleagues "shouldn't be afraid" to promote marriage through the tax and benefits system.

Fraser's remarks were made to the Sunday Herald as he talked about the Blue Book, a series of essays he published recently on the future of conservatism.

Although the collection included contributions from the libertarian and traditional wings of the party, Fraser counts himself as a social conservative.

He said that while the Tories should not "impose" a religious agenda, he thought his party's philosophy should be based on the "Judaeo-Christian tradition".

He called on colleagues to talk up marriage. "We should be arguing that marriage is good for society, " he said.

Fraser also risked alienating liberal colleagues by attacking Executive plans for homosexual couples to adopt children, saying he had "moral qualms" about proposals. "The best environment for adoption is by a married couple," Fraser said.

Fraser's comments put distance between Scottish Tories and the more liberal approach adopted by new UK leader David Cameron, who backs gay rights .

Osama Saeed, Scottish spokesman for the Muslim Association of Britain, said Fraser should pause before using the "Judaeo-Christian" description again. "It would be good if public figures like Murdo Fraser extended the hand of friendship to Islam," he added.

Green MSP Patrick Harvie said he hoped Fraser's comments about same- sex couples would not be reflected in Scottish Tory policy.
Seems like that MAB spokesman is upset that Fraser didn't suggest the Tories embrace Shariah.


J, I still think the UK will weather this modern malaise...Too many smart, tough people are still around!

I can tell you, things looked real bad in the US during the Carter Admin... 11 years later, the USSR was smashed to bits!

Read the Chapter in Paul Johnson's "Modern Times," "America's Suicide Attempt."

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