Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Teenagers Sentenced Over Anti-Jewish Attacks On School Children

Just don't expect to hear about this story through the MSM :

A pair of British teenagers were handed three and four year jail sentences after being found guilty of perpetrating a series of anti-Semitic attacks on London school children.

The young criminals, aged 15 and 16-years old, were convicted after it was proved they were part of a gang which "terrorised" pupils from the Jews Free School London in June 2004. Their names can not be released for legal reasons.

JFS, the biggest Jewish school in Europe, moved to its new site in Kingsbury, north west London in 2002. There had been some problems of anti-Semitism from local school children at the previous site in Camden and the problem again raised its ugly head just a few years after the transfer to the new site.

Brent Youth Court heard how the youths committed a series of violent robberies on the nine Jewish students, using violence and anti-Semitic verbal threats to force the pupils to hand over mobile phones and money.

They were caught after the British Transport Police captured robberies which took place on the local underground trains using closed circuit television cameras.

After the police organised an operation at the local train station six suspected gang members were caught resulting in the sentencing of the pair.


Imagine the left wing media furore if these were anti-muslim attacks...

The Independent would no doubt do a dramatic full front page spread about this worrying trend of Islamophobia...


mate, if these were attacks on muslims, we would be told the names of the attackers, in order to "set an example".

I've known a lot of people who went to JFS (my school, a former nunnery ;), was just down the road) and attacks on kids, from ages 8-16 were a daily occurence. And of course there were groups of students from local schools who would stand by the gates and shout all the usual anti jewish slogans. Nothing to do with anti-semitism though, i'm sure.

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