Saturday, April 29, 2006


Atlas Shrugs VBlog

This is the first VBlog entry by Pamela, who runs a fantastic blog (which I'm sure most of you already know about) called Atlas Shrugs.

Make sure you check out her site after you watch the video :

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Atlas Shrugs yeah, great blog. In class the other day after reading a novel that included a less than favourable profile of Ayn Rand, ALL my classmates decided they would never read Atlas Shrugged. These are post-grads too at that! They didn't like the manner in which the novelist portrayed her so they decided to bypass her entire philosophy and deem it unworthy of their time and 'intellect'. Still, these are the people who accussed me of being racist for writng a story about one of my muslim students (I'm a teacher too)who said all white people/non-muslims/British/Americans were viable targets; this was on the 8th of July. When I mentioned this in passing in the teacher staff room, there was nothing but deafening silence and scathing glances in my direction. I'm glad that Pam is doing what she's doing and J is doing what s/he is doing, as my opinions are not merely theoretical, but based also on personal experience. When my muslim students show up in class with knives I'm told to keep my mouth shut, not object and stop causing trouble. I've had several personal experiences that would make the tabloid headlines if I were other than white. As for being racist, my spouse is Asian. The mainstream media and the white liberals who prop it up are selectively blind and looking to do nothing other than look after their own interests. I don't know who is worse, those who promote jihad or those that refuse to aknowledge its existence. Really don't understand why you don't have more traffic, or is it that the world is suffering from Winston Smith Syndrome? Glad you're not.


scythesmiler, thanks for your comment.

I take it you're posting from the UK?

What you say about the liberal attitudes at your school reminds me when my brother was telling me the other day how every teacher/lecturer at his Uni (a major london uni) was pretty much a foaming mouthed "liberal", and if you don't agree with their "righteous" speeches you might as well shut up.

and as for most of the students. well, let's just say that in most cases, for safety reasons, my student friends tell me it's best not to openly support Israel, the US, or declare opposition to Islamic supremacists that run rampant in the UK.

I also fear it may be too late to turn back the clock. I guess the local elections will give us some insight into that though.

As to the lack of traffic? I think it reflects public attitudes. Some people just prefer hiding their heads in the sand then taking a few minutes to watch a video or two and see what the beeb would rather they didn't.

anyway, glad you like the site and I wish more people would comment, as I note you regularly have.

p.s, if you have any exciting stories or incidents you want me to post, I would be more than happy to oblige.


Cheers J, your feedback and acknowledgement is greatly appreciated - I'll attempt to spread the word and encourage people to contribute. Yes, the forecasts for the upcoming local elections should be enough of a warning shot across the bough to encourage participation. Then again, who knows? Stay cool. Yeah, posting from the U.K.


Ayn Rand is just Nietzsche on training wheels. She is a philosopher for people who can't take real philosophy.

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