Sunday, May 14, 2006


Racism I Tells Ya

What is racism? Is it racist when Israel, with it's 20% non-Jewish mostly Arab minority population won't open it's doors to a flood of "palestinian" Muslims who marry Israeli Muslims (as one of many wives) to gain a backdoor into the "racist" state of Israel for a better life. Yeah, confusing isn't it. Israel, the "little Satan", land of "racism", evil Zionists, right-wing extremist Jews seems to attract the people who hate the Jewish state the most.
Of course, it isn't racism when the 21st century's Nazi wannabes (the "palestinian" Muslims) make it official "state" policy to ensure all their precious desert land must be ethnically cleansed of Jews and all Jewish existence.
Anyway, back to the article in question. The Israeli high court has voted, by a small margin, not to open the doors to any random "palestinian" Muslim who marries an Israeli, what I like to call "population Jihad" (or using the infidels laws to over-run them).
While the BBC and the like have come to the conclusion that this is some sort of Jewish racist conspiracy to be mean to the poor innocent helpless Muslims of an enemy "state", the article below points out some very important factors, such as the large number of Muslim terrorists that used the old marriage laws to gain access to Israel in order to slaughter Jewish civilians :

Israel's High Court has upheld the government's right to combat the growth of a radicalized Arab fifth column by denying some Palestinian Arabs the right to live within sovereign Israel with their Israeli Arab spouses.

The government first introduced the "family unification" amendment to Israel's Citizenship Law in 2002, at the height of the Oslo War, as a means of thwarting infiltration by terrorist elements.

Despite a rash of petitions by "human rights" organizations, ultra-leftist Jewish and Arab Knesset members, and a number of Israeli-Palestinian couples, a panel of 11 justices voted 6-5 Sunday in favor of keeping the amendment.

Arab MKs immediately issued unfounded cries of "racism!"

But State Attorney Yochi Gansin noted that out of the 146 successful terror attacks executed prior to the implementation of the law, 26 were carried out by Palestinian Arabs who had gained entered to sovereign Israel by virtue of their marriage to local Arabs.

Speaking to Ynet, Gansin said:

"This law is legitimate as a way to deal with this phenomenon."
Justice Mishael Cheshin, the most senior justice to vote in favor of the law, expressed similar sentiment during a debate on the matter in February.

"...are the State of Israel's defensive efforts against terror attacks, against lone individuals carrying out attacks not a sufficient enough reason to prevent their entry?

"Why should we take chances during wartime? Did England and America take chances with Germans seeking their destruction during the Second World War?"
Giving the lie to the Arab MKs' racism charge, the law does not deny the ability to start and grow a family for those whose true desire is to do so. Rather, it bans "Palestinian" husbands under the age of 35 (25 for wives) from seeking Israeli citizenship.

For those who cannot live with these restrictions, Cheshin offered an alternative:

"No one is preventing them from building a family but they should live in Jenin instead of in [the Israeli Arab city of] Umm al-Fahm."
Touching on the true motivation behind the law, Cheshin continued:

"The romance is touching but we are talking about life and death and the right to life takes priority."


This blatantly obvious ruling by Israel's High Court is actually rather surprising...Historically, they seem to have made a specialty of decisions that provide strategic propoganda and real estate to the nation's most vicious enemies.

Oh, well, better late than never.

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