Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Ultimate Chutzpah : IJ Terrorist Angry He Can't Marry Israeli

The Islamic Jihad commander in the Jenin area told Ynet on Tuesday that he was unable to marry an Arab Israeli woman because of pressure exerted by the Shin Bat on her family.

Sheikh Mohammad Saadi, who ranks high on Israel's most wanted list, says his activity with Islamic Jihad is limited to social and political work. The Shin Bet believes he is involved in planning suicide attacks in Israel.
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I've got an idea, why doesn't she leave Israel, move into the new Fascistinian state and marry him there?


"social and political work" only, eh? (Yes, I'm Canadian)

Per the comments of the judge trying the jihad fundraising former professor Sami Al-Arien, this guy's only interest in widows and orphans is creating them.

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