Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Kiss Of Death

A couple of days ago, self-hating Jewish businessman Philip Green proved his "impartiality" by donating £60,000 to a "palestinian" children's charity. Technically it wasn't a donation but a bid in an auction to kiss coke fiend Kate Moss, which he ended up passing over to fellow self-hating Jew Jemima Khan :

[Where His Money May End Up]

If you paid £60,000 for a snog, you would want to make sure you took part, wouldn't you?

Not if you were retail billionaire Philip Green. After winning a bidding war for the kiss at a charity auction, the Bhs boss proceeded to give it away – to his rival Jemima Khan.

Mind you, Mr Green may not have been quite as silly as first appears. Not only did he get to watch the 32- year-old supermodel snog another woman, he also earned Brownie points with his wife, Tina, who was also at the celebrity-studded event.

Green, 54, looked on as the two women locked lips at Central London celebrity hangout Annabel's. One guest said: 'We thought it was going to be a kiss on the cheek but it lasted over 60 seconds.

'A few people were a bit shocked but everybody was laughing afterwards.' Khan's boyfriend Hugh Grant did not seem to mind either, especially after another bidder paid £12,000 for a round of golf with him. A cricket lesson with the 32-year-old's ex-husband Imran was also offered as one of the lots.

The auction raised more than £200,000 for the Hoping Foundation which helps Palestinian refugee children. Guests included Jade Jagger, Sadie Frost and Jerry Hall.
Strange isn't it. The Hollywood elite and members of the supposed "Jewish" lobby raising money for "palestinian" Muslim children. And here I was thinking they were all in on some Zionist conspiracy.


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So I wonder what the members of his minor party in Pakistan think of Imran hanging out with rich Kafir. Lets just hope he was off the booze that night...


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