Monday, May 15, 2006


Anyone For Some Double Speak?

In light of the July 7th attacks, various riots, cartoon death rallies [etc...], the government has decided to introduce citizenship classes (amongst other new gimmicks) to help the youth of this country understand core British values and lead them away from extremism :

In response to last year's London bombings, ministers want to review the current citizenship classes in schools, in an attempt to make society more unified.

Education minister Bill Rammell hopes a debate about the values shared by all communities across society - such as freedom, fairness, civil responsibilities and democracy - will help to tackle extremism and discrimination.

A second review will look at the teaching of Islam in universities.

Will the measures work?
This BBC article contains views from varied politicians, education and public figures. One persons view caught my eye though. That person would be Harris Bokhari, of the Muslim Association of Britain :

"This is just another one of those knee-jerk reactions where we're not actually looking at the core problem. What was the reason why these people actually committed these disgusting acts?

"Unfortunately it was our foreign policy, it was the issue of the illegal war, the illegal occupation of Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, the continuing abuses of the Palestinian people, the illegal occupation of Palestine by the Israeli state.

"So I think until the government actually addresses these issues unfortunately we'll keep on having these problems in the UK particularly."
So let's clear that up. We all know (as the MCB and MAB repeatedly told us) that the July 7th attacks had nothing to do with Islam. Yet he seems to know in detail all the reasons [excuses] a Muslim terrorist would use to justify an attack again non-Muslims in the UK. Of course, he isn't justifying the attacks. No, that would be too obvious. He's just pointing out that he holds the same ideology as a suicide terrorist, much like the ones that blew themselves up on July 7th, and if we don't listen to what he says, then what??? Can we expect more suicide terror attacks?
It's people and groups like the MAB that are the real problem here. They mix up right and wrong, and they make it publicly acceptable to not only sympathise with terrorists, but to hold exactly the same beliefs as them.


Rod, in the Cold War we had a concept called "fellow-travelers." These traitor-"citizens" from the MAB and MCB are god examples of that concept.


It is impossible to assimilate Muslims into any form of civilised society. Islam has bloody borders. Wherever there are Muslims there will be trouble. We do not even begin to share the same moral standards.

For example, one major difference, perhaps THE most important difference - between the ethical standards of Muslims and those of the rest of humanity, is that Muslim ethics are dictated solely by Mohammed in the form of his instructions in the koran, and also by the example of his actions.

To Muslims, Mohammed is the 'perfect man' (al-insan al-kamil) and can do no wrong. Following his example is pleasing to Allah.

Everything else is 'man-made' and contrary to Allah's will. So to the Muslim, Mohammed's venomous, psychopathic, hate-filled rantings (koran) and his murderous, predatory, pedophilic example (hadith) are the sole arbiters of what is right and wrong.

This means that the Muslim must reject both the Golden Rule, and also the inner voice of his own conscience (both of which are so important in Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Bahai etc).

If you convert to Islam you must stop thinking for yourself (one of its attractions for some people) . If you are born a Muslim, you are never allowed to start thinking for yourself. And, of course, you need never obey your conscience if Mohammed has given you an excuse to follow his own repulsive example.

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