Monday, July 17, 2006


Gov Bans Al-Ghurabaa And The Saved Sect

In my opinion this is long overdue and to be honest I'm not sure the goverment will actually put words into actions, but it sure is a good start in the fight against Britainistanisation [yeah, sounded better in my head] :

LONDON (AFP) - The government has moved to ban for the first time two Islamist militant groups based in Britain under new laws prohibiting the glorification of terrorism, officials said.

Home Secretary John Reid named the outlawed groups as Al-Ghurabaa and the Saved Sect, Home Office officials said, adding the groups are to be banned under new glorification criteria introduced in the Terrorism Act 2006.

The Home Office also said it intends to use existing anti-terror laws to ban two international groups, the Baluchistan Liberation Army and Teyrebaz Azadiye Kurdistan.

Reid laid an order in parliament which will make it a criminal offense for a person to belong to or encouragbe support for Al-Gurabaa and the Saved Sect, to arrange meetings in their support or to wear clothes or carry articles in public indicating support or membership.
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