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Hit And Run Cowards Surprised At Mighty David's Response

BEIRUT (Reuters) - The magnitude of the Israeli response to Hizbollah's cross-border operation in July took the Lebanese guerrilla group by surprise, Hizbollah deputy leader Naim Qassem said in an interview published on Saturday.

Qassem told an-Nahar daily that Hizbollah had expected an Israel attack at some stage as part of a joint plan with the United States but it had no indication it would come in July.

"We were expecting the Israelis would respond at the most by bombing for a day or two or some limited attacks or targeting certain places, such that it would not go beyond three days and some limited damage," he said.

After Hizbollah fighters seized two Israeli soldiers on July 12, Israel started bombing Lebanon's civilian infrastructure in a one-month war which displaced more than 900,000 people.

Israeli attacks killed close to 1,200 people in Lebanon, mostly civilians, and did damage worth billions of dollars. Israel lost 157 people, mostly soldiers inside Lebanon.

Qassem said: "Frankly we were surprised by the great size (of the Israeli response) and by this serious attack."

Two days after the war began, Hizbollah learnt that Israel and the United States were planning an attack in September or October. U.S. media have also said the United States was enthusiastic about Israeli plans to strike at Hizbollah.

"Israel was not ready. In fact it wanted to prepare for two or three months more, but American pressure on one side and the Israeli desire to achieve a success on the other ... were factors which made them rush into battle," Qassem said.

The Hizbollah official said the guerrilla group would co-ordinate with the Lebanese army as it moves into parts of south Lebanon dominated by Hizbollah.

But Hizbollah will not give up the concept of resistance against Israel, on the grounds that Israel continues to occupy the Shebaa farms region, holds Lebanese prisoners and overflies Lebanese territory almost every day.

"The justifications for ending it (resistance) are not yet there. When we agree on a defence plan to confront Israel, defining the job of the resistance, the army and the Lebanese people, then we will see what the rules and roles are," he said.

The Shebaa Farms is a small patch of land claimed by Lebanon, but occupied by Israel since it captured the Golan Heights from Syria in the 1967 war. The United Nations deems the territory Syrian until such time as Syria cedes it to Lebanon.

Israel wants the Lebanese army and a strengthened U.N. peace force to disarm Hizbollah and keep it away from the Israeli border, but Qassem said disarmament was an internal Lebanese matter and Hizbollah fighters will stay in their villages.

The army and the United Nations would not go searching for arms but would stop people carrying them in public, Qassem said.


J, notice how those slimy m@therf@ckers at al-Reuters print this Hitlerite bilge:

Two days after the war began, Hizbollah learnt that Israel and the United States were planning an attack in September or October. U.S. media have also said the United States was enthusiastic about Israeli plans to strike at Hizbollah.

Not "allegedly," not "Hizbollah claimed," NOOOO...Printed as reliable, accepted FACT by those Islamist bumkissers at al-Reuters...may they all be "mistakenly" hit by multiple phosphorus bombs...


HA!! I swear I read this AFTER I posted that last comment, haaawwwwwww!!:

Report: IAF fires on Reuters vehicle

associated press and staff, THE JERUSALEM POST Aug. 27, 2006

Palestinian witnesses and hospital officials said Saturday night that the IAF had fired two missiles at an armored car belonging to the Reuters news agency, moderately wounding five people, including two cameramen.

The airstrike came as IDF forces moved into an area just inside the Gaza Strip near the Karni crossing, witnesses and Palestinian security officials said.

The IDF confirmed that forces had attacked a suspicious vehicle near where the IDF was operating in the Karni crossing area, and said that the army was investigating the claim that the vehicle belonged to Reuters.

The army said troops in the area were searching for explosives planted by Palestinian terrorists alongside the border fence.

The IDF also reported that it had struck three gunmen in the area; Palestinians reported that a Hamas operative was killed in the attack.

The Reuters cameraman, Fadel Shama'a, 23, and Sabah Hamida, 25, who worked for a local television company, had the doors open and were about to get out of the armored vehicle in the nearby Shajaiyeh neighborhood to film the raid when it was struck by the missiles, according to Shamas Odeh, chief of Reuters TV in Gaza.

The cameramen, along with three bystanders, were moderately injured with shrapnel wounds and all five were to undergo surgery, hospital officials said.

The white sports utility vehicle was emblazoned with the Reuters logo and had "TV" and "Press" written on it in English, Arabic and Hebrew, according to reports.


lol, and the fact that the report points out that the van was marked means shit.

I mean, I'd strike a UN vehicle if it was suspicious, and it's not like reuters aren't known for their support of Jihadis.

How do we know who else was in the SUV.



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