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Terror Watch. Exposing The 5th Column Of Terrorist Sympathizers

There are a lot of Jihadi sympathizing accounts belonging to people living in the west. Send me the links to these profiles (and pics as well in case they get removed) and I will do my best to list these accounts here until they are removed permanently. (send links to

It is also advised that you anonymously send the account details to the government here - (or where appropriate in your country).

Monday, February 16, 2015

The following is an audio clip of the moment Jihadi "Dane" Omar El-Hussein opened fire at a cafe in Copenhagen where a free speech event was being held:

One man was killed and multiple people were injured in the attack.

The gunman then traveled to a Synagogue and opened fire again where he wounded two police men and killed a guard.

It has also be reported that this Muslim terrorist was released from prison just weeks before, after serving a jail sentence for randomly stabbing someone.

Thankfully, this moon worshiping Islamonazi was shot dead.

Now, before you go and assume bad things about violent Muslim immigrants, who would surely never do such horrific things and would likely have been as outraged as a Christian or Jew had someone from their community done something similar, it has emerged that his friends and fellow co-religionists have been laying wreaths and tributes to the gunman:
On the street corner where Copenhagen’s Islamist gunman died in a shoot-out with police, his friends laid floral tributes in his memory on Monday. 
Emulating the actions of the hundreds of people who left flowers outside a café and a synagogue two men were shot dead at the weekend, those who regard Omar el-Hussein as a “good guy”, not a terrorist, created a third shrine. 
“We’ve put flowers here because we must remember him,” said a young Arab man, who gave his name as Mohamed. “He was a good guy. We don’t believe he did anything wrong. It wasn’t like the police say.” A placard placed with the flowers read: “May Allah be merciful, rest in peace” in both Arabic and Danish. read the rest....
Ahhh, so he didn't do anything wrong. They're not denying that he didn't do what he is accused of, rather that the slaughter of non-Muslims at his hands was 'not wrong'.

The same report also claims that this grateful Muslim immigrant was of "Palestinian" descent. In actual fact he was Lebanese but when claiming oppressed status in the foolish west, pretending you are one of the mythical "Palestinians" often gets you to the front of the queue.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014


IDF Intercepts Shipment Of Rockets En Route From Iran To Gaza

Well done to the Israeli intelligence services who were able to carry out this operation:

Israel seized an Iranian ship carrying advanced weapons destined for Gaza on Tuesday night and towed it to the Eilat port, the IDF said Wednesday. Elite troops from the Israel Navy's Shayetet 13 unit boarded the ship in open waters on the maritime border of Sudan and Eritrea, some 1,500 km south of Israel.

The Klos C Iranian vessel was sailing under a Panamanian flag, making its way to Sudan from Iran carrying a cargo of advanced rockets capable of reaching distances of up to 200 km.

The Iranian cargo ship carrying arms for Gaza left port ten days ago and was on track to dock in Sudan on Thursday. The 17 crew members on board – representing a variety of nationalities – are being investigated for their involvement in the attempted smuggling operation. Their questioning is expected to continue in Israel.

The ship was supposed to reach port in Sudan on Thursday, some 10 days after it left Iran. An initial inventory by Israel revealed a large supply of rockets, including the Iranian-made 302m, which hit Haifa during the 2006 Second Lebanon War.

Israel has long claimed that Iran is transferring arms to terror groups around the world, namely Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, through Sudan and Yemen.

Last April, the Egyptian navy seized a vessel carrying a large arms shipment near the Sinai Peninsula's southern coast. The Anatolia Turkish News Agency reported the ship is an Iranian fishing vessel named "Sawit 1," and reported that 62,283 firearms were found in its cargo, including sniper-rifles, AK-47s, RPGs and large quantities of ammunition. read the rest...

Monday, March 03, 2014


Kunming Station Terrorist Knife Attack Ringleader Identified As Abdurehim Kurban

On Saturday the 1st of March a horrific terrorist attack was carried out by an Islamic Uyghur separatist movement originating from the XinJiang region. It is reported that a group of eight people entered a train station in the city of Kunming in the Yunnan province of China. After they entered the station the attackers dispersed and began to attack people with swords and knifes, indiscriminately killing twenty nine civilians and injuring over one hundred and thirty more. Two of the attackers have been identified as women and the mastermind is identified as Abdurehim Kurban. The South China Morning Post stated that four of the terrorists were killed at the scene, one woman was captured and three more captured since, but whether that means they have all the people involved is another thing as some reports have stated over ten people were involved in the attack.

The image below is a t-shirt worn by one of the attackers (source):

The pictures below (Source) show knives captured at the scene and a flag of a Islamic East Turkestan Jihadi movement.

The video below shows one of the female terrorists being taken down:

Update: First image of captured Kunming terrorist is released (Source)

Sunday, March 02, 2014


Operation Trojan Horse - Birmingham Salafists Distribute Document Encouraging Islamic Takeover Of Schools

Worrying but unsurprising news from Birmingham. This is not just happening in schools but in all parts of the public sector. Including Parliament!! (note: there is no link to an original source of this document, so be aware that it may be a false flag. However as the reports below show, there have been incidents where Muslim teachers have work to oust non-Muslims from positions of authority)
The Sunday Times revealed last week that Park View Academy in Birmingham is being investigated by the Department for Education for allegedly sidelining non-Muslim staff and trying to teach Islamic studies, despite not being a faith-based state school.

The documents suggest that the strategy, called Operation Trojan Horse, should be used in Bradford and Manchester as well as Birmingham. “We have an obligation to our children to fulfil our roles and ensure these schools are run on Islamic principles,” they argue.

The papers say the first step is to identify poor-performing state schools in Muslim areas; then Salafist parents in each school are encouraged to complain that teachers are “corrupting children with sex education, teaching about homosexuals, making their children say Christian prayers and mixed swimming and sports”.

The next steps are to “parachute in” Muslim governors “to drip-feed our ideal for a Muslim school” and stir up staff to urge the council to investigate. The strategy stresses the importance of having an “English face among the staff group to make it more believable”.

Finally, anonymous letters are to be circulated to MPs, press and ministers. “All these things will work towards wearing the head down, removing their resolve and weakening their mindset so they eventually give up.”

Birmingham schools named as targets in the document include Regents Park, where the head teacher, Tina Ireland, was given an “outstanding” Ofsted report but resigned last year amid questions over the school’s exam results. Others are Adderley Primary School and Saltley School, a specialist science college where the head, Balwant Bains, resigned last year. Bains quit after an Ofsted report concluded that he had a “dysfunctional” relationship with the governors.

Ahson Mohammed, the interim head teacher at Saltley, was appointed in November after Bains’s resignation. Read the rest...
Click here for alternate source

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Tesco Jews

A quick glance at my sitemeter (left hand side all the way down) the other day brought an above average number of google searches. A closer examination showed that many of these searches were for "Tesco Jew" and my blog was turning up as the second result for a previous post I had written up many moons ago.

A news search brought up this as a side note on the story of the Starbucks Attack:

Just four hours earlier, a gang of youths hurled a brick at a Tesco delivery van half-a-mile away, then attacked the driver as he drove through Canon Street Road. The 45-year-old driver was later treated for a head injury and needed seven stitches.

Cops said the youths were Asian, who were wearing dark tops and may have been seen outside a fast food restaurant earlier.

The new Tesco Metro supermarket in Stepney’s Commercial Road was targeted at the weekend when several windows were smashed and the words ‘kill Jews’ was daubed in paint.

The same slogan was daubed on the wall of a children’s playground on Whitechapel’s Chicksand housing estate last week.

Not quite sure if the people searching for "Tesco Jew" wanted to find out whether the owners of Tesco are Jewish or if they were searching for this news story.

Were you searching for this story out of interest or perphaps you're a British "youth" who wants to find out more regarding the Tesco International Zionist Conspiracy. If so, please write in to the usual address.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


The 18 Steps Of British Media Bias

As I was reading an article on Ynet about the BBC deciding not to have a fundraiser for Hamas I came accross this comment from fellow Israel supporter:
See below for the usual BBC / Channel 4 / Sky News guidelines for Israel....

1. always accept the Palestinian version without question

2. interview at least 8 Palestinian supporters to every Israeli supporter

3. assume the UN is impartial, and a shining beacon of justice in a dark world

4. assume any video / photos provided by Palestinians are always reliable - never question their veracity. It’s probably not worth bothering viewers with the fact that much of the media is doctored or staged – this will only confuse them

5. gloss over the last 60 years of history (never mention how 6 Arab armies tried to destroy Israel in '48, '67, and '73)

6. don't report how Hamas (etc) bully, torture and murder their own people, or misappropriate aid/finance (or if you do, play it down)

7. NEVER mention that Iran / Hamas / Fatah have vowed to destroy Israel and kill every Jew in the world (if you do mention it, assume they don't really mean it)

8. Report only the words that Fatah say in English, never what they say in Arabic

9. if you interview an Israeli (or misguided supporter such as Colonel Kemp, Mark Regev), make sure you interrupt them frequently. If you're coming off second best, tell them you're running out of time

10. if interviewing a Palestinian (or Annie Lennox, Alexei Sayle), make sure you ask them lots of really open questions, allowing lots of time to air their views without interruption - nod frequently to show your support. Don’t interrupt them, as this is disrespectful

11. above all, the tone of your voice should exhibit disapproval towards Israel, and sympathy towards Palestinians

12. ensure you use the word "occupation" as much as you can (don't get involved in meaningless discussions concerning how Israel either paid huge sums for swamps / wilderness in '48, or won it when arabs declared war on them)

13. never report anti-semitic attacks/incidents from the UK or elsewhere (we are unsure as to why these are increasing, but certain it has nothing to do with how we are portraying the situation)

14. don't report Pro-Israel activity such as marches – nobody cares, and these people are misguided anyway. If the politicians from all parties turn a blind eye, why shouldn’t we ?

15. if you get the facts wrong (Israel murders 1000’s in Bethlehem), never issue an apology or retraction

16. It is probably more news-worthy if you paint Israel as the aggressor – so don’t mention that Hamas launched over 6,000 rockets into Israel after Israel had vacated the Gaza strip

17. On proportionality, probably not worth mentioning comparisons with civilian casualties in Iraq, Afghanistan, or WW2 Germany (this will only confuse people). The fact that Hamas deliberately booby-trapped civilian homes and made people go into them, we are sure, has nothing to do with civilian casualties....

18. probably not worth mentioning the Bible – Jesus, a Jew, born in Bethlehem, visiting the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem (this is only 2000 years of history anyway....)

Note to Producers – make sure that when interviews are taking place that you loop some video showing ultra-left wing Norwegian doctors running after ambulances performing chest compression on live patients, and female Hamas supporters screaming uncontrollably about how their terrorist husbands were mercilessly martyred by the IDF. Remember, it really doesn’t matter what the interview says because people will remember the images
Couldn't have said it better myself.

For more examples BBC and other media bias see the following links;

BBC Bias

Guardian and BBC Bias

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


"Put Your Hand Up If You Hate Jews"

You'll notice that when the parent supposedly corrected the pupils, he advised them they should hate the IDF, not Jews. I'm not sure I understand why Muslim parents are being invited into schools suggesting that children hate anything. Ahh, no doubt they'll have a Jewish parent in next week to tell the kiddies why they should hate Muslim armies:

A TOP private school is at the centre of a race row between its Jewish and Muslim pupils.

In the wake of fighting in Gaza which has left nearly 1000 Palestinians dead, Muslim children at Glasgow's Hutchesons' Grammar School were asked if they hated Jews.

The school admitted many put up their hands - only to be told they should hate the Israeli army instead.

Muslim and Jewish pupils attend separate morning assemblies at the school, where fees are around £9000 a year.

News of last Thursday's controversial meeting was released by two Jewish pupils who went along by mistake.

The assembly was led by Asgher Mohammed, a parent who is believed to be a chemist.

News of the hate vote spread quickly through the 368-year-old school.

The parents of one of the Jewish children involved wrote to school rector Dr Kenneth Greig.

Dr Greig had letters sent out to other parents to explain the circumstances.

A school spokesman said yesterday: "The person in question has a long-standing history of taking the morning assembly.

"This is the first time anything like this has happened.

Perhaps it was not advisable to ask the question that he did.

"However, no one believes anything was intended to cause offence.

"His lesson was to preach religious tolerance and to show, despite what is going on in the Middle East, that Muslims and Jews in the UK can live in peace."

Claire Singerman, who co-ordinates Jewish assemblies at the school, stressed the "excellent" relationship between pupils of different faiths.

Chemist Asgher Mohammed said last night: "I have seen the statement from the school and amvery happy with that. I am not going to say anything else."

Muslim pupils make up around seven per cent of the school roll. Around six per cent are Jewish.

The school's famous ex-pupils include former lord chancellor Derry Irvine and John Buchan, author of The Thirty-Nine Steps.

Three months ago, it was ordered to improve access for poorer students or risk losing its status as a charity.
The Scottish Sun has more details on the story and a quick search points to the man in this link as being the one who asked the question (Mr Asgher Mohammed).

Monday, November 17, 2008


From Medo Medo - THERE IS SHARCKS!!!

It had been so long since I checked the Justify This email account that a lot of the old mail was wiped, however the funny hate mail finds a way of sneaking through the cracks. Here's a recent cracker (no, I won't post his email address ;) ;


I am muslim, really we do not offend other religions even those unbelievers, but i warn you and tell you frankly, we'ere back, just you destiny. you will know who is the perverted one homosexual.
the war is coming , just wait ,and you will see that under calm water there is sharcks.

Jihad supporter

Just when I thought it was safe to go back into the water, now I learn I have to avoid Jihad Supporters and Sharcks. Oh Noooooes!

Friday, December 29, 2006


"That'll Teach You To Say That The Palestinian People Can't Rule Themselves As A Democracy!"

Palestinian gunmen, who identified themselves as members of the Islamic Jihad group, shoot a man in a public square in the West Bank town of Jenin, in this Aug.
The above text is all that accompanies this photograph which I found via the Yahoo news images.
A bit lacking don't you think? I mean, it's probably amongst the most shocking images you'll currently find on their listings at the moment and no details of names, crimes, or the immediate action that I'm sure all the western liberal touchy feely "human rights" orgs are currently taking after seeing this sort of thing being carried out by IDF soldiers against the poor "palest...oh, hold on. Ah, wait a sec. Oh, I see now, these are just the way disagreements are settled between the different "freedom" movements. Yeah, ya know, when they do it to each other, ya gotta respect their customs.

note : send in your own captions. Win a prize. The prize of giving.
Hat tip to the Jewish Odysseus for the caption


Killing The Teachers For Allah The Merciful

You know the score. Evil buddhists invaded the Islamic nation of Thailand and oppressed the poor local Thai Muslims. What's that you say? Buddhists are a Thai majority and were there long before the Muslims? The Muslim population have been trying through force to create a Shariah state?
Sounds like another Zionist conspiracy to me :

YALA, Thailand (Reuters) - Suspected separatists shot dead two Buddhist teachers on Friday and burned their bodies in Thailand's rebellious Muslim south, police said, the latest attack in a three-year insurgency that has killed more than 1,800.

The teachers were ambushed in their pickup truck only 300 meters (yards) from the village school where they taught in the southern province of Yala, police said. Security forces are bracing for a new round of attacks on government buildings, officials and civilians to mark the third anniversary of the renewed insurgency on January 4, police said.

"We knew they were going to do it, but we didn't know the target," Police Colonel Pumipetch Pipatpetchpoom said of the attackers. "Our security checkpoints have blocked them from entering the city, so they had to do it in a village," he added.

Nobody has claimed responsibility for the violence which has seen almost daily gun and bomb attacks in the three predominantly Muslim southern provinces bordering Malaysia.

Thailand's military-appointed government has embarked on a peace drive in the Malay-speaking region, an independent sultanate until the Buddhist-dominated Bangkok government annexed it a century ago. But the attacks have continued.

The Education Ministry said this week 110 schools had been hit by arson attacks and 71 teachers and school staff killed in attacks since January 2004.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Good News From The Ethiopian Front

It might also interest some to know that a number of Somalian Islamic fighters have been captured holding British passports :

MOGADISHU (Reuters) - Ethiopia said on Tuesday it was halfway to victory against Somali Islamists and could seize their Mogadishu stronghold within days following a week of war in the Horn of Africa.

Islamists countered that they were ready for a long war and any attempt to oust them would prove disastrous for their foes. The Red Cross said hundreds were wounded in the latest fighting.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said his forces supporting Somalia's weak interim government had killed up to 1,000 Islamist fighters. There was no independent verification of that. The Islamists also claim to have killed hundreds.
"We have already completed half our mission, and as soon as we finish the second half, our troops will leave Somalia," Meles told a news conference in the Ethiopian capital.

He said a force of between 3,000 and 4,000 Ethiopians had "broken the back" of the Somalia Islamic Courts Council (SICC) around the government's south-central outpost Baidoa, and that the Islamists were now in "full retreat".

Ethiopia backs Somalia's secular interim government against the Islamists who hold most of southern Somalia after seizing Mogadishu in June. Addis Ababa and Washington say the Islamists are backed by al Qaeda and by Ethiopia's enemy, Eritrea.

Somalia's envoy to Addis Ababa said Ethiopian soldiers had advanced to within 70 km (40 miles) of Mogadishu and could capture it in 24-48 hours.

SICC spokesman Abdi Kafi said any such attempt "will be their destruction and doomsday ... It is a matter of time before we start striking at them from all directions."

The Islamists claim broad popular support and say their aim is to restore order to Somalia under sharia law after years of anarchy since the 1991 ouster of dictator Siad Barre.

The U.N. Security Council scheduled an emergency meeting to be briefed on Tuesday by Secretary-General Kofi Annan's special envoy for Somalia, Francois Lonseny Fall of Guinea.


Meles said his forces' main target now were Eritrean troops and foreign jihadists. He said a handful of Islamist prisoners taken on the battlefield were holding British passports.

At least two Ethiopian jets fired missiles on retreating Islamist fighters on Tuesday shortly after pro-government forces recaptured two towns near Baidoa. It was the third day of Ethiopian air attacks in the escalating conflict.

"Over 800 war wounded have arrived at the various medical structures around Baidoa and Mogadishu is the last few days," said Antonella Notari, spokeswoman for the International Committee of the Red Cross.

"Thousands of people are fleeing the combat areas. It is too early to tell if this is a temporary displacement," Notari said.

The African Union (AU) backed Ethiopia's right to intervene. Diplomats say that, allied to Washington's tacit support, may embolden Meles to try to seize Mogadishu.

The fighting could now draw in Eritrea on the side of the Islamists, the diplomats said. They added that Kenya, which is taking in a flood of Somali refugees across its north border, was trying to broker cease-fire talks.

The Islamists insisted their retreat was a tactic in what they vowed would be a long war. "We will fight to the last man until we ensure there are no more Ethiopian troops in our country," Kafi said.

Thousands of Islamist fighters crammed into trucks mounted with anti-aircraft guns and left Mogadishu for the frontlines.

Analysts say Ethiopia's heavy arms and MiG jets had saved the government from being routed.

"This is the first stage of victory ... When this is all over, we will enter Mogadishu peacefully," government spokesman Abdirahman Dinari said by telephone from Baidoa. He offered amnesty to Islamists who lay down their arms.

Addis Ababa fears a hardline Muslim state on its doorstep and accuses the SICC of wanting to annex Ethiopia's ethnically Somali Ogaden region.

(Additional reporting by Sahal Abdulle in Mogadishu, Hassan Yare in Baidoa, Ibrahim Mohammed in Jowhar, Sahra Abdi Ahmed in Kismayu, Andrew Cawthorne and Bryson Hull in Nairobi, Jack Kimball in Asmara, Irwin Arieff in New York and Sam Cage in Zurich)

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Jihad : The Children's Club

Ok, ok, so I know it's slightly dated, but come on, how could I not upload it. It has mickey mouse encouraging children to start a "holy war" for Allah the frickin merciful.

Also worth watching for the kiddies terrorist training camps right at the end.