Wednesday, February 01, 2006


British Muslims Declare Jihad Against Denmark

A "boycott jihad" that is. Along with this jihad, MPACUK have provided a list of Danish products for the British branch of the Ummah to boycott.
So I altered the list slightly and posted it here so that all those in support of the Danish stand against dhimmification will know what to go out of their way to buy :


It's amazing how MPACUK seem to think that all milk is Danish!

Milky, Milky!


not to mention that potatoes seem to take on Danish nationality when packaged in 2 kilo bags.

"Milky, Milky!"

:) did you ever watch brass eye when it was on?


Yeh Brass Eye was mental.


Don't know what you guys are talking about.


Anyway, J, can I axe you a favor?

Could you put up a third traffic counter (Site Meter preferred). MapStats is cool, and I want to keep it, but it is not keeping an accurate count of our traffic.

It's been stuck at 301 for hours now, and the average number of people online at any given time is through the roof.

Right now there are 41 people online. We've probably gone over 1000 traffic for the day, but we'll never know.



Pamela at Atlas Shrugs has agreed to be a judge in The Infidel Bloggers Alliance Mohammed Cartoon Contest.

She is also going to write to Charles at Little Green Footballs and ask him to help too.

This is going to be cool.


Well, maybe not. I was just over at LGF and I see that he posted about another contest that a Dutch blog is sponsoring. I doubt he'll get on board with ours, when he's already promoted one. How many contests are needed?

I need a beer. You got one, Jonz?


:( yeah, it looks like it didn't pick the hits up.

i'll add sitemeter when i get home


this islamic message boards going crazy about the cartoons, please go and help the kaffirs out.


Thanks J.


ok has anybody any idea what this is.


it looks like a group of danish muslims who are promoting/dreaming about denmark being a muslim state.

i don't know how the foolball comes into it


Ever thought about what would happen if the West really stopped supplying them with cars, machines, weapons and food? I think you should encourage them to extend their boycott to all kaffir products


a more comprehensive list.

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