Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Religion Of Exclusion

I'm sure a lot of Brits will have already heard about the Muslim only "fun" day in Alton towers, where the theme park will be following the rules of Shariah for a day and banning non-Muslims from attending. The following picture and article are from the Sun and give Jon Gaunt's take on the subject :

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Lol, excellent pic.


btw J, there's an "emergency" moonbat convergence on Saturday... I'll try and make it down but a mates got my camera at the moment... Thought you ought to know, it's your speaciality ;)


bollocks mate, I'm fucking working, typical. Do you know what time it is???


i've never heard such bollocks in my life!! when they said they wouldn't rest till the muslim flag (whatever that looks like) is flying over downing street, i was like "yeah right"...but really, let's face it, if the most british of british attractions, alton fucking towers, is now pandering to this shit, what are we gonna get next, brent cross shopping centre women and kaffirs only between 9-10am and 2-3pm...?

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