Monday, September 04, 2006


Islam In Ireland Discussion With Walid Shoebat

Havn't seen the whole thing yet, but everything else i've seen so far that features Walid has been worth watching, so I'm sure this is one not to miss. The video is a bit dodgy but the sound is perfect. Enjoy :

Part one

Part Two

Part Three


Irish muslims - I can die today; I've lived to see it all.

Seriously, this Irish convert woman shows how people get into the system without knowing what the heck they're really doing. If a muslim tried to get into Catholicism, she'd have to go through hours and hours of RCIA instruction, and end up ahead of some "cradle Catholics" on Catholic knowledge. There's no way she'd be uninformed on the basics of the faith, as she is about islam. But all she had to do is repeat the shahada, and she's in the ummah, even with her politically correct Religion of Peace hogwash, about which the more knowledgeable muslims on the show corrected her publicly. She came across at the biggest idiot.

Jesus said that those who deny him to others, he will deny to the Father. So according to her previous faith, she's f'ed. And owing to her total misunderstanding of her current faith, she's f'ed. And you could see on her Quisling face toward the end of Part Three that she knows she done f'ed up in a major league way.

I almost feel sorry for her. Almost, since she, under no duress, in a Catholic country, chose, under her free will (as far as I know), to do this. The muslim immigrants won't do us in; these types, self-hating Westerners who undermine their culture, will be the death of us. They are the ones who unbolt the lock to let the robbers in to ransack the house.

Poor Mr. Shoebat must be wondering what it will take to save us from our own stupid selves.


There's a very insightful comment about conversion by 'Columba' at

"It's significant that most other belief systems (including secular ones) base their truth claims on ... well, truth. Someone converting to the belief system would do so on the grounds that the system had somehow proven itself to be a valid way of looking at everything.

Islam's call to conversion is entirely different; it's based on power. Not just the threat "convert or die," but even the claim that "Islam is stronger," a claim we've been hearing more frequently these days. Not that it's true, but that it holds power.

There's little attempt to convince intellectually, but rather a call to join the winning army: might makes right. And that's a powerful appeal to people already inclined toward arrogance and violence."


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