Monday, February 06, 2006


Killing The Patients For Allah The Merciful

Pride can be a damaging thing, especially when you're a Muslim doctor refusing to prescribe medicines from European countries due to the cartoon boycott (thanks to English Kafir) :

The Pakistan Medical Association has vowed not to prescribe medicines from firms based in some European countries where controversial cartoons portraying the Prophet Mohammed were published, said Shahid Rao, the body's general secretary for Punjab province.

The association will boycott drugs from Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Germany and France to protest the 'blasphemous' drawings, Rao said.

'We have taken a unanimous decision and it will be immediately implemented in Pakistan,' Rao told AFP.

Pharmacists have also vowed not to sell such medicines, Rao said.


More and more they separate themselves from us. from simple humanity. slowly but surely they will make themselves the most hated and despised of people. And they will wonder why we are all so "Islamophobic," lol.

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