Sunday, February 12, 2006


Up To 1000 Terrorists Recruited Through British Schools And Universities

Which works out as enough recruits for 250 July 7th style attacks or 52 9/11 style attacks :
ISLAMIC terror bosses have recruited up to a thousand students from Britain's college and university campuses, a leading expert has claimed.

Professor Anthony Glees - who has advised security services on the threat - says academics and students have been placed in our education system by groups like al-Qaeda.

And he claimed these recruiters and their brainwashed followers remain hell-bent on a strike on a major London landmark.

The extent of the threat facing the British public emerged as the Government admitted anti-terror cops have foiled THREE attempts by Islamic maniacs to blitz Britain since the 7/7 attacks on London.

Gordon Brown, who recently announced Britain's fund to fight terrorism will swell to £2billion by 2008, will reveal the potential outrages ahead of Wednesday's Commons vote on new anti-terror legislation.

Downing Street hopes that by highlighting the threat facing ordinary people, backbench opposition to their controversial plans will disappear.

Prof Glees of Brunel University told of a sinister "grooming" process which, he claims, has turned campuses into breeding grounds for religious hatred.

He said the "sleepers" roam college bars and social clubs seeking out potential extremists who may be willing to lay down their lives for Islam.

He said: "The extent to which terrorist organisations have infiltrated the university system is much greater than anyone realised.

"There is evidence of older students, student leaders and even academics targeting British-born Muslims and those from overseas. "Sometimes it takes years, but some are won over very quickly. The spark is there just waiting to be lit."


how many?

wake up britian, before its to late..


It already is too late. We all know that the next bombings/poisonings will dwarf those of 7/11. :-(

Britain (and others) are going to have to endure a lot more suffering and bloodshed before they open their eyes. Oh, well...

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