Tuesday, February 07, 2006


"A Bloody Intifada"

Some of the "cartoon" riot scenes that didn't quite make it to British televisions :

Extract From Transcript :

Reporter : From a peaceful demonstration under the slogan of "There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is His Messenger," this march of the National Campaign for Defense of the Prophet Muhammad turned into a bloody Intifada between the Lebanese security forces and the demonstrators, who crossed the line, both in terms of religion and security. The security forces' siege around the Danish consulate in Beirut did not prevent the demonstrators from breaking into it, and setting fire to offices belonging to economic, commercial, and civil companies.


The demonstrators attacked Christian holy places, and especially the St. Nicholas and St. Maroun churches, and even the building of the Orthodox patriarch in Al-Asharfiya.


you know what, who are these riots between??! it's not like they're muslims fighting the white khaffir in LEBANON, AFGHANISTAN etc., they're fighting each other.


so maybe they'll save us the trouble now...

i just luuurrvvve this religion of peace!!


Such a shame to see these things happening in Lebanon, where the Christian minority is separated from the Muslim majority by a small margin.
These churches in Lebanon have been there for many centuries, many of them before Islam even existed.
Let them call it "The Religion of Peace" all they want. Our eyes can't hide the real truth.

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