Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Cartoon Hypocrisy Watch

I stumbled accross this large collection of "palestinian art" which seems to be nothing more than an outlet to further anti-Jewish stereotypes. The collection is a few years old, and was part of a competition run through an Iranian cartoon site that offered prize money/awards for the "best" cartoon.
The pictures below are just a few samples from the site :


hypocrisy is right! Did you read Amir Tahiri on this one, called Bonfire of the Pieties?

I tend to agree with him on this one. The anti-semitism is a way of life with the Arabs, so this stuff is old old hat.

But now everybody is getting it, regardless of political or religious affiliation lol. Jews, Christians, Danes, Italians, Norwegians, whatever! These guys are just a bunch of Muslim punks doing their best to turn the whole world against them. As I read in one blog, "They started it, don't make us finish it..." Hopefully we can finish it before Iran gets its nukes. This is definately not good for their "image".... which really wasn't looking so hot before. It looks like the West is waking up, and maybe it will stop with all this obsequiesness and get off their knees and get some cajones!


the west is waking up, but things have taken an odd twist. Whereas in the past the UK/US would have been the first to stand up for free speech, this time round it is the dhimmi Euros making the stand.

hopefully American and British leaders will come to their senses and resist submission.

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