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Al Qaeda Running UK Prison

A leaked document from Britain's high-security prison for terror suspects says a radical and violent Muslim inmate gang is recruiting inmates for al-Qaida.

The report obtained by The Mirror from the head of security at Belmarsh prison in London said a gang known as The Muslim Boys are terrorizing other prisoners, with beatings and slashings.

"Prisoners reported abuse, assaults, intimidation and threats," the document said after a December security review. "Some of the atrocities were carried out with impunity during associations causing victims to fear for their lives."

The report said corrections officers fear they are losing control of the prison, and said 32 cell phones and 191 stashes of drugs were found at the jail between July and December.

A source told the newspaper about 125 Muslim prisoners gather each week for a religious service, and six guards attend, but have no idea what they are talking about. Under Britain's human rights laws, the meeting cannot be recorded for translation.


It's All Just A Little Bit Of History Repeating

The Hamas terrorist organisation chosen by the "palestinians" as their true representatives have offered Israel a truce or as it is know in the Muslim world, a 'Hudna[h], on the condition that Israel change it's flag, 'cause well you know, Muslims have a habit of trying to wipe out other people's identity and history [hat tip to English Kaffir] :

Hamas, which catapulted to power in last week's Palestinian elections, might soon offer Israel a long-term cease fire but will not recognize Israel's right to exist, the terror group's chief Mahmoud al-Zahar told WorldNetDaily yesterday after earlier demanding the Jewish state change it's official flag.

Al-Zahar's comments follow a WND exclusive interview in which a top Hamas leader said his group will soon make public a "peace initiative" in which it will offer to trade strategic land with Israel, cease attempts to capture parts of Jerusalem, and sign a 10-year renewable truce with the Jewish state with the aim of later destroying Israel.
Now I'm going to bring you back to the Hudna and the historical meaning in Islam and how Mohamed himself is supposed to have used the truce according the the Muslims "holy" books :

Freedom from obligation (is proclaimed) from Allah and His messenger toward those of the idolaters with whom ye made a treaty.
Sura At-Tawba [9:1-3]
and as Arafat explained :

Muhammed had signed the truce of al-Hudaybiyah in 628 with the infidel tribes of Quraish in Medina at a time when he was not strong enough to defeat them. The truce was to last for a term of just under ten years, but within two years his army had grown and he broke the truce and slaughtered the Quraish, eventually capturing Mecca and its lucrative idol worship center.
Should Israel agree to the Hudna which Hamas will use solely to build up it's strength in their never changing desire for the destruction of Israel and the extermination of Jews? I don't think so.

Friday, January 27, 2006


Buy Danish And Norwegian Products!

Our friends over at the Infidel Bloggers Alliance have been discussing the boycotts being threatened against Denmark and Norway by the Islamic world over the publishing of several cartoons in national papers depicting the Islamic "prophet" Mohamed (such as the following) ;

It looks like the boycott is now official, with certain Islamic sites listing products for the Ummah to collectively NOT buy :

Click either picture for the Infovlad link. Oh, and make sure you go out of your way to buy all the products listed above ;)


Colombian Terror Ring Busted

Colombian authorities have arrested 19 people, including two active agents of the DAS secret police force, in breaking up a ring that provided Colombian passports to members of Islamic fundamentalist terrorist organizations.

Deputy Attorney General Jorge Armando Otalora told reporters in Bogota that eight of those arrested are wanted for extradition to the United States for alleged collaboration with terrorist groups, including Al Qaeda and Hamas.

The suspects were arrested in coordinated raids in seveal Colombian cities, Otalora said. Besides the two active agents of DAS, another man who used to work for the intelligence agency was among those nabbed.

A woman who works for the National Registry of Civil Status, which issues documents attesting to Colombian citizenship, was also among those arrested, the official said.

Otalora said the ring provided national identity cards and passports to Arab and Muslim individuals "who traveled throughout Europe as if they were Colombians, but they were not." The identities of those arrested was not immediately provided.


The Inmates Have Taken Over The Asylum

By voting for the Islamic terror organisation, Hamas, to be their new rulers, the "palestinians" have once again proven that they'll never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. The following is an extract from the Hamas charter, just in case you're not quite sure what this hate group stands for :

The "palestinians" have shown via a 'democratic' vote that it is war they strive for, not peace

Hamas Charter ;

"Our struggle against the Jews is very great and very serious...The Movement is but one squadron that should be supported by more and more squadrons from this vast Arab and Islamic world, until the enemy is vanquished and Allah's victory is realised...

The Islamic Resistance Movement is one of the wings of Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine. The Muslim Brotherhood Movement is a universal organization which constitutes the largest Islamic movement in modern times...

It strives to raise the banner of Allah over every inch of Palestine, for under the wing of Islam followers of all religions can coexist in security and safety where their lives, possessions and rights are concerned...

The Islamic Resistance Movement is one of the links in the chain of the struggle against the Zionist invaders. It goes back to 1939, to the emergence of the martyr Izz al-Din al Kassam and his brethren the fighters, members of Muslim Brotherhood. It goes on to reach out and become one with another chain that includes the struggle of the Palestinians and Muslim Brotherhood in the 1948 war and the Jihad operations of the Muslim Brotherhood in 1968 and after...

The Prophet, Allah bless him and grant him salvation, has said: 'The Day of Judgement will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Muslims, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him...'

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Jordastinians Vote For Terror. What This Means For All Non-Muslim Nations.

The Muslims of Gaza and Judea have overwhelmingly voted for the Hamas terrorist organisation to represent them in the "palestinian" parliamentary elections, but what does this mean for Israel and what will this mean for the rest of the democratic world in the fight against Islamic terrorism?
Well, from where I'm standing, it looks like world support for a 23rd Islamoterrorist state in the middle east has set the clock back pre 9/11. What I am saying is that not only will this election win for Hamas dramatically increase Islamic terrorism within Israel's borders, but all over the world. Hamas winning this election is the same as Al-Qaeda having won the election. Don't believe me? Read on :

Hamas Terrorism In Israel ;
Hamas has set the destruction of Israel as its goal. Between September 2000 and April 2004, Hamas perpetrated 425 terrorist attacks against Israel and murdered 377 Israelis - nine every month.

Hamas is responsible for 24 murders before the Oslo Accords, 156 more before the Oslo War began in September 2000, and at least another 377 since then - a total of at least 557.

The organization's first mass attack was a car bomb that blew up at a bus stop in Afula in April 1994, murdering 8 and wounding 51. Among the most horrific Hamas attacks were the following:

* 22 people killed and 56 wounded in a suicide bombing attack on the No. 5 bus on
Dizengoff St. in Tel Aviv, Oct. 1994

* 26 killed by suicide bomber on a #18 bus near the Jerusalem Central Bus Station, Feb. 1996

* 16 killed in the Mahane Yehuda open market in Jerusalem in a double suicide attack, July 1997

* 23 dead and 115 wounded when a Hamas suicide bomber blew himself up on a No. 2 bus line coming from the Western Wall in Jerusalem, August 2003

* 45 murdered within the space of five days in March 2002: a suicide Hamas terrorist blew himself up in a Haifa restaurant, killing 15, and another one did the same in the Park Hotel in in Netanya during a Passover Seder, murdering some 30 and wounding 144.

The ten worst Oslo War Hamas attacks, in which a total of 186 were murdered, also included the following:

* June 1, 2001 - Dolphinarium in Tel Aviv, 21 killed - mostly new-immigrant teenagers from the former Soviet Union

* Aug. 9, 2001 - Sbarro's Pizzeria in Jerusalem, 15 killed, including the parents and three children of the Schijveschuurder family

* Dec. 2, 2001 - Haifa bus, 15 killed

* May 7, 2002 - Rishon Letzion hall, 16 killed

* June 18, 2002 - #32 bus from Gilo, Jerusalem, 19 killed

* March 5, 2003 - #37 bus in Haifa, 15 dead

* June 11, 2003 - #14 bus, Jerusalem, 17 murdered

A full list of attacks since 2000 can be seen on the IMRA website.

Hamas Terrorism In Britain ;

Hamas was the Islamic terror organisation that recruited the first British suicide bombers who's sole mission was to slaughter Jewish civilians in Israel. ;

Hamas Terrorists Had No Problem Recruiting These Two British Muslims To Fight The Jihad Against The Jews (click picture for the video confession)
Hamas has also infiltrated London mosques ;

A MUSLIM leader appointed to help to run the recently reopened Finsbury Park mosque in north London is a former military commander of Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist organisation. Mohammed Kassem Sawalha is one of five trustees appointed to give the mosque a fresh start.

The mosque was closed last year after becoming a centre of Islamic militancy under Abu Hamza al-Masri, the radical cleric facing charges in Britain and America.

Less than two months before the July 7th Islamo-terrorist attacks, Hamas threatened attacks against the UK.

Hamas linked Clerics have also declared their intent to rule Britain ;

Extract ;

We have ruled the world before, and by Allah, the day will come when we will rule the entire world again. The day will come when we will rule America. The day will come when we will rule Britain and the entire world


Hamas Terrorism In Spain :

Hamas have declared to Muslim youth in Gaza and beyond that their next target of terror shall be Spain, specifically Seville ;

The children's website Al Fateh, property of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, demands in its most recent issue the return of the Spanish city of Seville to the "lost paradise" of Al Andalus, as the Muslim part of Spain was called during its existence between 711 and 1492. The web magazine, whose name means "conqueror," says it is for "the young builders of the future."
I really don't have time to go on all night but in case you need more proof regarding Hamas's intent (under the usual banner of Islam) for worldwide domination and their worldwide terror activities, read here and scroll about halfway down.

Hamas is not just Israel's problem, but the entire non-Muslim world's problem.

Sunday, January 22, 2006


What's In A Name?

Well, a lot when your friends call you Hitler and you are running for candidacy in the Fascistine elections :

Jamal "Hitler" Roub [left] On His Way To Carry Out An Excecution

JENIN, West Bank The candidate's name is Jamal Abu Roub, but everyone here calls him Hitler because, well, that is the name he has answered to quite comfortably since he was a teenager.
Roub, 40, is a leader of the militant Al Aksa Martyrs Brigades in this turbulent corner of the West Bank and has spent the past five years leading his ragtag band of gunmen in frequent clashes with the Israeli military. Roub's deeds include hauling a Palestinian suspected of collaborating with Israel and of molesting his own daughters into a town square, where the man was shot to death.

Now Roub is a candidate for the Palestinian Parliament and is virtually assured of winning a seat in elections Wednesday. He is wanted by Israel, and therefore does not appear at rallies, yet this seems only to have bolstered his reputation.

The Al Aksa Martyrs Brigades, which is made up of members of Abbas's Fatah party, emerged soon after the latest Palestinian uprising began in 2000.

Abbas has repeatedly called on Al Aksa to lay down its weapons, but the group's various factions largely have ignored his call. At Abbas's urging, a large number of militants have been incorporated into the Palestinian security forces in the past year, and the Islamic faction Hamas is taking part in national elections for the first time.

Indeed, Israelis often argue that Abbas, who came to power after the death of Yasser Arafat in 2004, is rewarding men he should be jailing.

Roub contends that the election offers him a better way to continue his struggle with Israel, which has consumed his whole life.

Roub said he has always been adamant about his beliefs, so much so that when he was 16 a high school friend began calling him Hitler, and it stuck. Roub said Hitler's slaughter of the Jews was wrong, yet he seems quite willing to keep the nickname.
I wonder, what beliefs would earn a man the nickname, "Hitler"? Could it be that he is anti-Israel, or anti-Jew?

When Roub was leaving after an interview, a group of Palestinian women spotted him and a buzz swept through the room. "It's Hitler; it's Hitler," they said, one after another. Roub could not resist speaking to them for 15 minutes.
Link...[read the rest]
Of course, if a western leader running in a western election had the nickname "Hitler", his career would be quickly ruined by the MSM. But when it is a middle eastern "Youth" locked in a battle against the Jews, the media goes into neo-Nazi tolerance mode and can't find a critical thing to say.

Friday, January 20, 2006


Mofaz Accuses Iran, Syria Of Planning And Funding Islamic Terror Attack

An Israeli police officer works at the site of a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv Thursday Jan. 19, 2006. A suicide bomber blew himself up inside a restaurant at a crowded pedestrian mall near Tel Aviv's old central bus station Thursday, police said, and at least 15 people were wounded

Israel has accused Iran and Syria of complicity in a suicide attack that injured at least 30 people in Tel Aviv.

It "was financed by Tehran, planned in Syria and carried out by Palestinians," Defence Minister Shaul Mofaz was quoted by security officials as saying.

Mr Mofaz was also quoted as blaming the attack on "the axis of terror that operates between Iran and Syria".

Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad earlier said it carried out the attack near Tel Aviv's old bus station.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the US have condemned the bombing.

It was the first bomb attack in Tel Aviv since February last year.

Israeli newspaper Haaretz quoted Mr Mofaz as saying that Israel had "decisive proof" the Tel Aviv attack could be blamed on the "axis of terror".

"Iran supplied the money, and [Islamic] Jihad's headquarters in Damascus directed the organisation's operatives in Nablus, giving operational orders and instructions," Mr Mofaz reportedly said.

Israel's Army Radio said the minister had shared the evidence with officials in the US, Europe and Egypt.

A spokesman for the Islamic Jihad's military wing - al-Quds Brigades - earlier named the bomber as 22-year-old Sami Abd al-Hafiz Antar, from the West Bank town of Nablus.

The attack took place at about 1530 (1330 GMT) on Solomon Street in Tel Aviv's commercial district.

"The guy was standing at the corner of the street, looking like he was waiting for someone," Yehiel Ohana told the Associated Press news agency.

"He swayed strangely. Then he went into the shwarma (food) stand, and two to three seconds later, we heard the explosion. Everything shuddered," he said.

"We entered the shwarma stand, and we saw him lying on the floor, and then we understood he was a suicide bomber."

The bombing took place on the same day as Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad began two-day talks with Syrian counterpart Bashar al-Assad in Damascus, in what Mr Mofaz described as a "terror summit".

It was the first suicide attack in Israel since 5 December, when five Israelis were killed by a suicide bomber outside a shopping centre in Netanya.


Shake With The Right, Stab With The Left

A Muslim cleric has been arrested in the Phillipines for his involvement in a series of bombings in the country 5 years ago. The twist? He was part of an Islamic group holding peace negotiations with the Arroyo administration :

UNDERCOVER operatives in Maguindanao arrested a Muslim cleric linked to a series of bomb attacks in various places in the country, military officials said yesterday.

AFP Public Information Office chief Col. Tristan Kison said Ustadz Abdulgani Pagao, said to be a member of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) holding peace negotiations with the Arroyo administration, is now undergoing tactical interrogation in Manila.

Pagao was arrested near a military base in Awang, Maguindanao, last Tuesday, Kison said.

He said Pagao is being held for his alleged participation in numerous bomb atacks in Mindanao and Manila five years ago that resulted in the killing and injury of hundreds of people.

According to Kison, members of the Philippine National Police-Criminal Investigation and Detection Group had conducted the operations while the military assisted in taking custody of the suspect.

Kison said there are reports that Pagao attended the same univeristy in Tripoli, Libya, with the late Abdurajak Abubakar Janjalani, founder of Abu Sayyaf and older brother of present ASG chief Khadaffy Janjalani.

The military said the Abu Sayyaf has ties with Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda terror network.


Playboy. Allah Wouldn't Like It.

Despite warnings of "disastrous" consequences from Muslim leaders if Playboy is allowed to be published in Indonesia, the man behind the magazine release has confirmed that he will press ahead with release of the adult mag. One problem though, the Indonesian edition will contain no nudes. Which begs the question. Without nudes, is it really Playboy?

A man enjoys to read Indonesian tabloid with scantily dressed women pictures on it in Jakarta, 15 January 2006. Indonesian Muslim leaders on Friday expressed horror over reported plans to publish a local edition of Playboy and warned of "disastrous" consequences.

An Indonesian publisher said on Friday that he will press ahead with a local edition of Playboy despite opposition from Muslim leaders, but promised that the risque magazine will not contain nudes.

Publisher Ponti Carollus, speaking after meeting with members of the Indonesian Press Council, said the Indonesian-language magazine will focus on articles rather than photographs.

"Definitely we will not be brave enough to take explicit pictures from [Playboy headquarters in] America," he told reporters.

"We are not a porn magazine and we will not be featuring too many pictures ... There will be pictures but, once again, they will not contain nudity," he said.

Carollus said he will not risk losing his investment by running nude pictures and being shut down by authorities in the world's most populous Muslim nation.

He also cited legislation on pornography that Parliament is expected to pass, which would see heavy jail terms meted out to individuals deemed "pornographers".

"One thing for sure, we do not want to go to jail. After investing so much money, we sure do not want to go to jail," Carollus told reporters.

Muslim leaders have expressed horror over plans to publish Playboy here, warning of "disastrous" consequences.

The first edition of the magazine is due to hit newsstands in March, making Indonesia only the second Asian nation after Japan to have its own edition of the magazine.

Magazines and tabloids depicting scantily dressed women are widely available in Indonesia, including the local editions of foreign titles such as British men's magazine FHM.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Quranic Thievery

I just came accross this excellent article written by Hugh Fitzgerald, the president of It provides an insight into how the Islamic cult has stolen most of it's "history" from Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and claimed it as it's own. Including everything from the texts to the so called "Islamic holy sites" (e.g the Jewish temple that suddenly became Islamic when Mo's followers placed an aluminium, painted dome on top of it). It is a MUST READ ! So read it and learn :

If you are a Muslim, you believe that Muhammad made his "Night Journey," or Miraj, from the top of what non-Muslims know as the Temple Mount. Though Jerusalem is mentioned nowhere in the Qur'an, the Umayyad Caliph wanted to claim Jerusalem, the city holy to Jews and Christians, for Islam - and for precisely that reason. Islam had to appropriate the holy sites of prior religions just as it did the prophets and the stories (in new versions) of the prior two monotheisms whose adherents lived -- richer, more numerous, and more advanced -- in the very lands the formerly pagan, now islamized Arab tribes managed to conquer.

The Umayyad caliph (who had a role in the development of early Islam) decided that the "farthest mosque" mentioned in the Qur'an, from which Muhammad made his "Night Journey" up to the seventh heaven and back, all within 24 hours, must have been situated on the Temple Mount. Other early Muslims disputed where that "Night Journey" might have been made, but it surely made geopolitical sense -- and Islam is a geopolitical doctrine and plan -- to fix the site at Jerusalem. In one fell swoop, the appropriating faith of Islam appropriated the city that was holy to both Jews and Christians, and for good measure planted the flag of Islam right on top of the holiest site for Jews, the Temple Mount. Talk about two birds and one stone.

For appropriation of the major figures, the stories, and the holy sites that are important in other religions (which is why mosques in India were built on, and using stone quarried from, Hindu or Buddhist temples) is part of Islam. The Temple Mount is Muslim, of course. Jerusalem is Muslim. Constantinople, by rights, is Muslim, and so is Hagia Sophia. And next after Constantinople, according to a "vision" of Muhammad that circulates widely in the Muslim world and on Muslim websites, the next city to become Muslim will be -- Rome.

The Vatican as a Mosque: that should get someone's attention. And once it is established as such, don't be surprised if you hear some farrago to the effect that long, long ago, lost in the mists of the distant past, there was a mosque there -- before there was any church.

But apart from such plans and appropriative fantasies, whether the building now called the Dome of the Rock was originally a Byzantine martyrium subsequently claimed for Islam, or whether it was an Islamic structure from its inception, is subject to further investigation. Perhaps there are techniques similar to carbon dating that may give a date, and offer guides for further lines of inquiry. In any case, it would not be by any means the only appropriation of a Christian structure for Muslim uses -- just as St. John's in Damascus that became the Umayyad Mosque that tourists ooh-and-aah over without realizing just whose building it originally was. The Mosque of Omar, on the other hand, clearly was built as an Islamic structure, but there too conventional dating needs to be re-examined.

As it needs to be with the Qur'an itself. Those conquering Arabs did not "ride out of the desert with Qur'an in one hand and sword in another," for they had already been living outside the Arabian peninsula. And according to recent and reliable scholarship, they somehow, probably in the 8th rather than the 7th century, took a mishmash of pagan Arab lore and stories and doctrines from the earlier monotheisms to fashion the Qur'an as an ex post facto justification for those conquests. Most Western scholars of Islamic art (e.g., Ettinghausen, Grabar), while not being Muslims themselves, were long content to accept the Muslim view of the origins of the Qur'an, and of its philology, just as before Goldziher no Western scholar really questioned the authenticity, or origins, of the Hadith. Then St. Clair Tisdall and others began to consider the origins of the Qur'an in Jewish and Christian texts. And, following John Wansbrough, an American scholar who worked in England, others -- notably Michael Cook and Patricia Crone in the still un-reprinted "Hagarism" -- began to study Islam not within the strict confines of Islamic belief, but outside such restraints. These scholars determined to apply the same methods and rigor that scholars in the West applied to the study of Christianity and Judaism, including the historical Jesus, beginning in the 19th century. And now they have been joined by Christoph Luxenberg, a student of philology, whose "syro-aramaic" reading of the Qur'an presents a plausible understanding of hitherto-incomprehensible passages in the Qur'an.

Muslims by and large simply will not hear of such studies. Even Western self-appointed Defenders of the Faith (including Angelika Neuwirth, a German scholar who converted to Islam, and while she has "moved on" to Greek Orthodoxy, her sons remain Muslim) have tried furiously, but largely unsuccessfully, to punch holes in the learned and implacable Luxenberg. As the techniques and criteria of modern scholarship continue to be employed in straightforward fashion, the history of the early Qur'an is likely to be seen in a new light, at least by non-Muslims -- as will be the early history of Islamic conquest. One wonders if the most educated and enlightened of Muslims will manage to tolerate the same study of their faith that Christians and Jews (and Hindus and Buddhists) have all managed to tolerate, and more than tolerate, or whether the belief-system of Islam will prove too brittle to endure such study.

Monday, January 16, 2006


Abu Hamza Videos - A Look Behind The Headlines

Over the past week several videos have been played to the jurors in the trial of the Islamic supremacist, Abu Hamza, the one time Cleric at the Finsbury park mosque, London.
I have noticed that there was very little available on the internet in the form of video/audio clips relating to Hamza, thus making it that little bit more difficult for some bloggers to give examples of Hamza's hate speeches and incitement.
I have personally decided not to post on the Hamza trial for many reasons, the main ones being that I doubt he will be convicted, and if he is he will be given a very light sentence or maybe even deported, enabling him to spread his hate from elsewhere (thus I don't want the anti-climax that I felt at the end of the OJ/Jackson trials). Secondly a lot of blogs are posting details of the trial and I try and keep my posts related to news that is exclusive or under reported.
So to help out my blogging buddies (and the rest of you) I will add links to the Hamza hate speeches so if you are posting about the trial you can have some evidence to back up the news reports.
Note : I do not condone anything in the following links or speeches. I have posted these only for reference and to assist those looking for proof of "Captain Hook's" hate sermons.

Various Short Hamza Speeches -

Hamza Hate Speech [In Arabic] (near the bottom on the left) - [to download the video directly right click and save this link)

The Following two links are sites run by supporters of (and possibly set up by) Abu Hamza. The first has active links. All the links on the second site seem to be broken, but I will post it for reference anyway.
Before I post the following links, I would like the reader to be aware of the significance of these sites, the fact that they are being run in the UK and the history of the domain name (extract from Glen-Jenvey) :

"There are many indications suggesting a strong connection between Al Hamza, al-Qaida and Osama bin Laden. For example. Bin Laden's official website (closed in Aug. 2001) was deleted april 2003. Abu Hamza's was deleted April 2003."
Although these two sites are reported to have closed down, there are sites with the same agenda/cause (and possibly set up by the same people as that go by the title 'Supporters Of Shariah' (same as Bin Laden's/Hamza's sites) and they are both filled with (and dedicated to) the hook handed Cleric's speeches :

Mostly Audio Speeches (there are video but they are OT) - - (click the audio button on the top right section of the navbar) - This Site Clearly Supports Hamza/Bin Laden and other Islamoterrorist leaders.

What Seems To Be Hamza's Official [.org] Site (also goes by the name 'Supporters Of Shariah') - - All Audios Files In This Site Appear To Be Broken.

Sunday, January 15, 2006


"We're Pakistani. You're Jewish. We're going to kill you!"

The following is an article that details and give figures for the rise of anti-Jewish attacks in the UK and a few other European countries. In another article, the Lord Mayor of Manchester, England, Mohammad Afzal Khan states that what he calls the "Jewish-Muslim conflict in the United Kingdom" has it's roots based in the belief that the media isn't pro-"palestinian" enough, thus angering young Muslims (not that he's trying to justify attacks on Jews or anything, i'm sure) :

Ilford, England --- One day last summer, Rabbi Alex Chapper was walking home from his synagogue with three friends when he realized they were being followed by a group of teenagers.

The youths began throwing rocks. One shouted, "We're Pakistani. You're Jewish. We're going to kill you!"

One of Chapper's friends was punched in the face. Another was hit on the head with a plastic bottle and suffered a cut and a black eye before the youths ran off.

Chapper, who is 32, did not encounter bias as a child in northwest London. But things have changed. Even as Europe's growing Muslim population points to rising prejudice --- called "Islamophobia" by Muslim leaders --- anti-Jewish incidents are increasing, as well.

Britain's chief rabbi, Sir Jonathan Sacks, warned this month on BBC Radio that "a kind of tsunami of anti-Semitism" is spreading around the world.

"A number of rabbinical colleagues throughout Europe have been assaulted and attacked on the streets," he said. "We've had synagogues desecrated. We've had Jewish schools burn to the ground --- not here but in France."

Statistics compiled by the Washington-based World Jewish Congress support Sacks' assertion that anti-Jewish violence is increasing, at least in some areas. In France, the organization reported, major violent incidents rose from 62 in 2003 to 96 in 2004; and in Germany, home of the world's fastest-growing Jewish community, the number of major violent incidents rose from 34 to 50.

Significant increases were also reported in Russia and Canada.

In Moscow on Wednesday, a 20-year-old man described as a skinhead burst into a synagogue, shouted, "I will kill you," and stabbed eight people before being wrestled to the ground by the rabbi and his son. No one was killed but four people were reported in serious condition.

In Britain, the danger to Jews is growing, too. According to the Security Community Trust, a registered charity organization that works with the police to collect data on anti-Jewish incidents, 532 such incidents were reported in Britain in 2004, the last year for which numbers are available.

It is nearly double the number from 1999, and a 42 percent jump in just one year. Eighty-three of the incidents were assaults, four of which were classified as "extreme violence," in which the victim's life was endangered.

Mark Gardner, a spokesman for the Security Community Trust, said the increase is tied to the most recent round of Israeli-Palestinian violence, which began late in 2000.

Records show that anti-Jewish incidents have spiked after events such as the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, in the United States; the subsequent U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan that same year; the allegations of an Israeli massacre in the West Bank city of Jenin and the siege at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem in 2002, and the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Such events, Gardner said, "excite a mood of scapegoating and anger and political violence, primarily among Muslims."

This past week, jurors in the trial of the radical west London Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri, on charges of encouraging murder and fomenting racial hatred, heard taped sermons in which he encouraged his followers to kill Jews and other non-Muslims.

...Chapper still walks from the synagogue to his home, 15 minutes away, but he spends a lot of time looking over his shoulder.

"The Jewish community in this country is a tiny, tiny minority," he said. "The Muslim community is huge."


African (Youth?) Confesses To Engraving Neo-Nazi Slogan On Synagogue

Just shows that in Paris, the city of rioting "youths", Jew hatred doesn't always come from the stereotyped white skinhead :

A synagogue in a Paris suburb was vandalized early Saturday morning, according to the National Office of Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism.

A male, 21, identified as being of African origin climbed onto the roof of the Sarcelles synagogue, and engraved the words "Juden raus," or "Jews get out," and "Death to Sharon" with an icepick. The man has confessed to the crime.

The office applauded the police actions and called for the man to receive "severe sanctions."


Attack On Russian Synagogue Thwarted

A 19 year old Russian man has been sentenced to 5 days in Jail for an attempted attack on a Synagogue. He states that he was "inspired" by an earlier attack on a Russian synagogue where several worshippers were stabbed :

A 19-year-old Russian man was sentenced to five days in jail Saturday for an attack on a synagogue a day earlier in the southern city of Rostov-an-Don, in the second such incident in Russia in the past week.

The summary proceedings and sentencing came the morning after the man had forced his way into a synagogue and threatened several worshippers there with a broken bottle. Police arrived on the scene to overpower the attacker.

The accused man said he carried out his attack after seeing on television the reports about Wednesday's incident in a synagogue in Moscow by a 20-year-old who allegedly wounded eight worshippers with a knife.

On Friday, Russian authorities charged that attacker with racially-motivated attempted murder and causing grievous bodily harm. Of the eight persons stabbed in the Moscow synagogue, four were still in hospital.

Friday, January 13, 2006


Brainwashing The Toddlers For Allah The Merciful

As promised (many months ago) here is the third part of a three part series (with "human shields" being a fourth supplementary part which I will be posting in the following weeks), that I call 'brainwashing for Allah the merciful' (click to view part 1 or part 2).
A couple of things I would like to point out before we get to the pictures are that firstly you will notice the children in the pictures are of all different races and from all different countries, which is strange when you consider the media [and the Arab Muslim leaders] claim that these children are 2nd/3rd generation descendants of a people indigenous to Gaza/Judea/Samaria/Israel (the so called "palestinians") who's only desire is to return to their "homeland". Are Africans and Indonesians native to Gaza??? I don't think so. I point this out to make the uninformed aware that the Islamo-Terrorist movements for a "palestinian" state have nothing to do with the return of an indigenous people, but are working for the establishent of a 23rd Muslim terrorist state in the middle east by destroying Israel and exterminating all Jews within Israel's borders (all with the help of western media, celebrities and politicians).
Secondly, these children are not fighting the "occupiers" (Muslim code for Jews/non-Muslims) with stones and rocks, but with the weapons you see in the pictures. Which is another thing that the MSM would rather you not know as public sympathy for the not so peaceful "palestinian" Islamic cause would decline in an instant and it might just make people look at the situation from a wider angle.
I'd also like to apologise for any long loading times this is going to cause on the blog for the next week or two.
So, without further adieu, here are the pics :

The video the above picture was taken from is available for viewing on the left hand column (or click here for the link)

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Terrorist Self-Destructs In Jenin, Another Killed After Opening Fire On IDF

If only all suicide bombings were this harmless to others :

An Arab suicide bomber blew himself up near a group of IDF soldier in Jenin Thursday, but failed to injure anybody but himself. At least one other terrorist was killed.

A joint IDF-Border Police operation was being carried out to arrest wanted Islamic Jihad terrorists. Taking part were members of the elite Duvdevan undercover unit.

The security forces surrounded two houses that the terrorists were known to be hiding in. Three came out, giving themselves up. Suddenly, the suicide bomber, strapped with explosives, rushed toward the troops and blew himself up.

Following the bombing, another terrorist ran out of the house wearing a bullet-proof vest and opened fire at the troops. He was shot dead, at which point another terrorist gave himself up and the soldiers took control of the house. They found explosives and weapons stored in the house and confiscated them.

Islamic Jihad claims a third man was killed, but the IDF denies the claim.

Islamic Jihad terrorists carried out six suicide bombings in the past year. The IDF has increased operations in Jenin and Tul Karem, seeking to reduce the infrastructure of the terrorist group in the two PA-controlled cities, which has drastically increased since the forced removal of Jewish communities from the region as part of the Disengagement.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Anti-Jewish Attack Leaves At Least 8 Wounded

A policeman (R) guards the entrance of the Bronnaya synagogue in Moscow, 11 January 2006. A young man wielding a knife entered the synagogue in central Moscow and attacked worshippers, leaving four people severely injured in hospital. Russian news agencies reported at least seven people were injured in the attack, most of them after being stabbed in the back.

A knife-wielding man shouting "I will kill Jews!" attacked a synagogue in downtown Moscow Wednesday, slashing and stabbing at least eight people before the son of a rabbi wrestled him to the ground, officials and eyewitnesses said.

Witnesses said the shaven-headed attacker yelled "Heil Hitler! as he aimed at victims' necks, heads or torsos in what appeared to be a well-planned attack.

The attack at the Chabad Bronnaya synagogue came amid an increase in racist crimes and hate-group activity in Russia. Jewish leaders said it should send a message to Russian authorities and the public to fight prejudice.

Among the eight men wounded were an American and an Israeli, along with a man from the Central Asian nation of Tajikistan, chief Moscow prosecutor Anatoly Zuyev told reporters outside the synagogue. He said the attacker "shouted words that showed he was motivated by ethnic and religious hatred."

Zuyev said the suspect, a Muscovite identified as Alexander Koptsev, born in 1985, was in custody and faced charges including hate-based attempted murder. It was not immediately clear whether he was a member of any anti-Semitic or neo-Nazi groups, Zuyev said.

Gorin said the attacker had a shaved head and wore a leather jacket. Another spokesman for the Jewish federation said the assailant shouted "I will kill people, I will kill Jews!" after bursting into the synagogue complex at about 5:30 p.m., when there were several dozen people in the building.

Jewish leaders and witnesses said the assailant attacked a guard who tried to stop him, then stabbed people in or near a prayer room on the first floor before continuing his rampage upstairs.

"This was not a game, he was out to kill," said Iosif Ostrovsky, a rabbinical student who said he saw the assailant stab several people, aiming at their upper bodies in what he called a "well planned attack." He said the man also shouted "Heil Hitler!"

A kitchen worker who gave her name only as Svetlana said the man assaulted people in a downstairs kitchen area after entering the building.

"I saw people lying on the floor, cut and bloodied," she said, adding that the man had pulled the knife from a sheath hung around his neck.

Officials and witness said a son of the synagogue's rabbi, Yitzhak Kogan, wrestled the attacker to the ground and held him until police arrived.

The stabbing is the latest in a growing series of incidents apparently involving skinheads or racist groups in Russia. Rights groups have warned that hate groups have grown substantially in recent years, with their anger targeted mainly at foreigners and dark-skinned immigrants from the poorer former Soviet republics of the Caucasus and Central Asia.

Many rights groups also say prosecutors routinely downplay hate crimes, choosing to bring less serious charges.

The dominant Russian Orthodox Church, which has made efforts to reach out to Jewish officials in a country with a history of pogroms and anti-Semitism, condemned the attack and called for action by the state and society to stem hate crimes.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Iran : 17 Year Old Who Resisted Rape Sentenced To Death

Nazanin, 17, was sentenced to death by hanging for defending herself against three rapists.

A young girl who defended herself and her chastity against three male assailants who intended to kidnap and rape her causing injury to one of them who later died in hospital was condemned to death by hanging in an Islamic court in Iran. Nazanin who has seen no more than 17 Springs, all of which under the tyrannical rule of the Mullahs is now facing execution for trying to defend herself and her honor.

No where in the world and under no law self defense is considered to be a crime, but in the tyrannical mullacracy of Iran if a woman does not resist rape she will be stoned as adulterer and if she does she will be hanged.

Nazanin, this young innocent girl, was assaulted by three criminal men in the city of Karaj while walking home in the midday last April (2005). To defend herself she pulled out a knife and stabbed one of her assailants. The knife penetrated the ribs of her attacker who later died in the hospital. The attacks on women in Iran is so frequent that many are forced to carry a concealed weapon for self defense. Unfortunately the Islamic law does not even allow women the right to self defense.

Despite the fact that she had been acting in self defense, as shown by the evidences presented and the testimony of eyewitnesses, Nazanin was sentenced to death by hanging. In the last court hearing she told the judge "I only defended myself and the honor of my family". She repeated this several times. Nonetheless the jury of all males who like their misogynist prophet thought it is outrageous for a woman to stand for her rights and defend her dignity and honor, swiftly ordered her execution paying no heed to her pleas.
The following is an extract from the article (thanks to English Kaffir for the link) :

Please ask your newspaper to report this story.

Please write to your MP and urge the Parliament in your country to condemn the Islamic regime of Iran for their misogyny, human rights violations and crime against humanity.

Please complain to the Office of High Commissioner of Human Rights and ask them to pressure Iran to free Nazanin.

You have to state your name, nationality and address to the all the above if you want your complaint be taken seriously.

A few years ago the son of one of the Mullahs shot and killed a policeman. He walked free by giving a few thousands of dollars to the family of the victim.

"Evil triumphs when good people do nothing".

Will you give a few minutes of your time to save this precious girl’s innocent life? She has not much time as executions in Iran are swift. Please show your humanity and act now.


Saudi Professor Calls For Positive Hatred Of Christians

But, but, I thought Islam was the religion of tolerance?

Click the picture (or here) for the video

Transcript :

Following are excerpts from an interview with Saudi Professor of Islamic Law Dr. Abd Al-Aziz Fawzan Al-Fawzan, which aired on Al-Majd TV on December 16, 2005.

Dr. Abd Al-Aziz Fawzan Al-Fawzan: Someone who denies Allah, worships Christ, son of Mary, and claims that God is one third of a trinity - so you like these things he says and does? Don't you hate the faith of such a polytheist who says God is one third of a trinity, or who worships Christ, son of Mary?"

Someone who permits and commits fornication - as is the case in Western countries, where fornication is permitted and not considered a problem - don't you hate this? Whoever says, "I don't hate him, is not a Muslim, my brother.[...]

This is not racism, my brother. We don't hate a polytheist because of his color, gender, blood, country, or because he is American, European, Chinese, or Asian. They are our partners in humanity. An American Muslim may be better Allah's view than all the Arabs.[...]

But if this person is an infidel - even if this person is my mother or father, God forbid, or my son or daughter - I must hate him, his heresy, and his defiance of Allah and His prophet. I must hate his abominable deeds. Moreover, this hatred must be positive hatred. It should make me feel compassion for him, and should make me guide and reform him.

Monday, January 09, 2006


NatWest Accused Of Funding Terrorism

Looks like I might have to transfer my accounts to another bank :

A lawsuit has been filed in New York's Federal Court by a group of American victims of Palestinian terror against a major British bank accused of permitting a recognized Hamas charity to open accounts and transfer funds.

Despite continuous warnings from the Mossad and British intelligence services regarding the precise nature of their client's dealings, the National Westminster Bank declined to prevent Interpal, a UK-based organization, from using its services.

This most recent case is part of several new initiatives whereby lawyers in both America and Israel are suing banking institutions for effectively supporting terrorist organizations.

If found guilty of the charges, the banks could be forced to pay damages totaling millions of dollars.

Zvi Weiss was left severely wounded as a result of the bombing of the No. 2 bus in Jerusalem in August 2003, which left 22 people dead.

One of Weiss's lawyers, Nitzana Darshan-Leitner, told The Jerusalem Post that there was clear evidence to suggest that money from Saudi Arabia reached Hamas terrorists via Interpal.

"In 2003, both the US and British governments declared that the charity in question was undoubtedly linked to a functioning terrorist organization and all their bank accounts were frozen," she added.

Sunday, January 08, 2006


It's Always About Israel

Jon Snow - (channel 4 news reporter)

One of my biggest issues with the mainstream media is the way that not only are news reports themselves biased against Israel, but the newsreaders and journalists are too.
Sometimes this
bias is obvious for all to see. Somtimes it's sickeningly OBVIOUS. Although a lot of the time it can be so subtle that it passes right by you.
Which brings me onto the following
clip from channel 4 news. It is a discussion regarding the effects of political correctness on reporting facts in the news and whether PC mindsets are holding back the truth in some reporting.

Watch the video from about 4 minutes and 20 seconds in, where the lady being interviewed discusses the Murdoch press, where Jon Snow then goes on to say ;
"can I just mention one of the things you bring up which is Israel".
The lady did not bring up Israel, at all. Yet Jon Snow goes on to claim that the media is afraid to criticise Israel for fear of being labelled anti-semitic. Now, unless you've being living in a cave for the last 5 years, you would know that the one country that is most criticised in the press IS Israel. What disturbs me even more, is that the discussion had nothing to do with Israel, but mainly Islam, Africa and racism. Mr Snow goes on to change the subject to Israel once or twice more before the end of the clip.
Don't take my word for it though, watch the video and judge for yourself.

(oh, and before you say that he was referring to something the article mentions, the article, here, only brings up Israel to point out that the media DOES unfairly criticise and attack Israel)

Saturday, January 07, 2006


No Compulsion In Islam?

A Moroccan father of four girls who imprisoned his wife and children in their flat "in the name of Islam" received a 10-month suspended sentence and was stripped of his parental rights yesterday.

The unidentified 45-year-old was found guilty of breaking French law on compulsory schooling for children over the age of six, which applies to three of the four girls - aged four, 10, 13 and 14.

The man, from the town of Romans-sur-Isère in the Drôme region, said he had refused to allow the girls to go to school without the Islamic headscarf, which is banned in state classrooms.

An unemployed benefit claimant, he argued that he was the "only person able to give them a decent education".

But the judge ruled that the children could have studied the state curriculum from home by correspondence.

The girls, all born in France, had rarely left their flat in La Monnaie, a poor housing estate, and had never got further than the lobby.

They were forbidden to play with toys, watch television or read anything other than the Koran. Their only permitted activities were crochet and cleaning. None of them speaks a word of French.

Social services acted after the eldest rang a child abuse hotline last summer on the advice of a social worker she met outside the flat.

The man's wife, who was not charged, has been moved far from Romans-sur-Isère, near the children's new home, and is allowed to visit them.

Friday, January 06, 2006


The Same As It Ever Was

Over the last couple of days as Ariel Sharon has been undergoing various operations and is in critical, yet stable condition, the media has continued as ever to portray him in a false and dark light.
The man is no hero of mine, yet I know when is the right time to criticise and when is the right time to have a bit of respect. I know when criticism is deserved and when it is opportunistic.
I also know when I see self-righteous news organisations, journalists and news readers who use any attempt they can to fulfil their agenda of demonising Israel and ensuring the lies created by "palestinian" Muslims are transformed into truth.
Luckily, there are organisations like who have made it their job to expose exactly this kind of false reporting (the following is only an extract) :

Misleading references to Sabra and Shatilla Massacres

The 1982 Sabra and Shatilla massacres in Lebanon are frequently referred to in a very misleading way, wrongly implying that Sharon and Israelis were directly responsible for carrying out the murders. Any reference to the 1982 massacres should always include mention that it was the Lebanese Christian militiamen who carried out the massacres and that Israel's Kahane Commission found that Sharon was indirectly responsible for the massacres because he did not anticipate that the Lebanese Christian militia allied with Israel would engage in such killing, and did not take appropriate action to prevent the massacres.

Here are some examples of distorted, misleading coverage on this topic:

---- January 5th, ABC World News Tonight with Bob Woodruff:

Woodruff: "...Ariel Sharon has been one of this region's most powerful and enigmatic figures for decades. He has been called 'The Bulldozer' and 'The Butcher.' In 1982, as defense minister, he authorized the invasion of southern Lebanon and was later held responsible for the massacre of hundreds of Palestinians in refugee camps there..."

---- NPR's "Talk of the Nation" with Neil Conan: On the January 5th radio program, as part of summing up Sharon's life, Neil Conan said:

"...He was hailed as a military hero in the Yom Kippur War of 1973 and denounced for the invasion of Lebanon in 1982 and, for his part in massacres at Palestinian massacres in refugee camps in West Beirut."

---- Daily Telegraph (London), January 6th: Article:

"Sharon's unlikely legacy of peace will be hard to overturn" by Con Coughlin "...This, after all, was the man who, until very recently, was regarded as an international pariah, the 'Butcher of Beirut,' the man ultimately responsible for the appalling atrocities that took place at the Sabra and Shatila Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon in 1982."

Sharon Incorrectly Labeled as "Sparking Second Intifada"

Sharon's walk on the Temple Mount is frequently portrayed as having "sparked the second intifada" or as having so "inflamed" or "outraged" the Muslim world, that violence was inevitable. This ignores the calculated Palestinian incitement used to provoke the violence and directly contradicts the words of Palestinian leaders who admit that they had planned the terror campaign ahead of time and simply used Sharon's visit as a pretext to launch the violence:

According to then-Communications Minister Imad Al-Faluji:

"Whoever thinks that the Intifada broke out because of the despised Sharon's visit to the Al-Aqsa Mosque is wrong.. . . This Intifada was planned in advance, ever since President Arafat's return from the Camp David negotiations, where he turned the table upside down on President Clinton." (Al-Safir, March 3, 2001. Translated by MEMRI) Elsewhere, Al-Faluji said: "The PA had begun to prepare for the outbreak of the current Intifada since the return from the Camp David negotiations."(Al-Ayyam, December 6, 2000. Translated by MEMRI).

A similar assertion has been made by then-senior Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti (currently in jail on terror-related charges), who told an interviewer that:

"The explosion would have happened anyway. It was necessary in order to protect Palestinian rights. But Sharon provided a good excuse. He is a hated man." (New Yorker, January 29, 2001)

Lopsided choice of guests to comment on Sharon

Many news programs are asking guest speakers to comment on Sharon's life. However, all too often, the guest list is lopsided in favor of people harshly critical of Sharon. This is not only unfair but extremely insensitive.

---- For example, the January 5th NPR "Talk of the Nation" radio program included 3 harsh critics of Sharon (Daoud Kuttab, Robert Malley, and Rami Khouri), 1 neutral journalist (Scott Wilson of the Washington Post), and Israeli Yaron Ezrahi (who was essentially neutral) to comment on Sharon's life and the political situation there. This is hardly fair or informative.


Galloway To Give BB Winnings To Terror Funding "Charity"

As most UK readers will know, 'Gruesome George' (George Galloway) is living in the Big Brother house [Elstree]. What some may not know is that the charity George is donating his winnings to is considered a money front for Hamas by the US treasury. Hamas is an Islamic terrorist organisation that has been involved in countless terror attacks against Israeli civilians and is comitted to the extermination of all Jews inside Israel. The Independent also reported that Israeli officials have documents that show Interpal has funnelled millions of Euros directly to the families of Islamic suicide bombers.

Gruesome George [looking eerily similar to an infamous German dictator]

THE charity Galloway is donating his Big Brother money to had links to the terrorist group Hamas, court prosecutors claimed.

Interpal was named last year on a charge sheet in the Israeli trial of a man accused of channelling £6.2million to back terror and suicide bombers' families.

There is no suggestion Interpal knew its cash went to terrorists.

Interpal insists it is "a non-political, non-profit-making charity that focuses solely on the provision of relief and development aid to the poor and needy of Palestine".

Prosecutors in Jerusalem said Hamas activist Ahmed Salatna, 43, diverted cash from charities like Interpal away from good causes.

The court was told money went to the family of a bomber who blew himself up in Jerusalem in August 2001, killing 15 people. But it was not revealed at the remand hearing where it originated.

In 2003 Interpal's accounts were frozen by the UK and US governments.
[halfway down the page]

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Did You Really Think It Would End With Israel?

Next Stop Seville

The children's website Al Fateh, property of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, demands in its most recent issue the return of the Spanish city of Seville to the "lost paradise" of Al Andalus, as the Muslim part of Spain was called during its existence between 711 and 1492. The web magazine, whose name means "conqueror," says it is for "the young builders of the future."

The web magazine, whose name means "conqueror," includes an article in which the city of Seville itself is the narrator, saying, "I beg you, my loved ones, to call me to return along with the other cities of the lost paradise to Muslim hands so that happiness may reign in my lands. Dress me, for I am the bride of the land of Al Andalus."

"I was once the capital of the Kingdom of Seville, connected to the Atlantic by the Guadalquivir River. I wear around my neck the scarf of the most beautiful river, more than the Euphrates, the Tigris, and the Nile, where gondolas and fishing boats navigate for 24 miles, under the trees with the singing of the birds," the article says.

The Al Fateh website says it is for "the young builders of the future." It contains, along with typical children's content like drawings, poetry, and stories, a great deal of references to resistence and martyrdom. Its main subjects are Palestine and the Arab and Muslim worlds, especially their religious aspect. The lives and deaths of the Palestinian "martyrs," many of them suicide bombers, are a constant theme, as well as descriptions of important cities in Muslim history.

This particular article tells the story of Asbilia, the Arabic name for Seville, in language understandable to the smallest children. It explains that the city "was the capital of the Kingdom of Seville." The history of the city begins, according to Al Fateh, with the Muslim conquest. The story ends when Seville was reconquered by King Fernando III, and concludes, "So the golden age of the Muslims who lost me ended, but the marks of their civilization remain."

"The lost paradise of Al Andalus," explicitly mentioned in the text, is a common meme in the Muslim world. It has led to concrete fatwas declared in order to recover territories conquered by Christian "infidels," such as that of three years ago by the Islamist sheik Yousef Al-Qaradhawi, which explicitly says that "Islam will return to Europe as the conqueror." Al-Qaradhawi is the leader of the European Council for Fatwa and Research, the president of the International Association of Muslim Scholars, and the spiritual leader of many other Islamist organizations around the world.

This is far from a new phenomenon. In fact it is the exact way that the Muslim world has secured a steady stream of Islamic terrorists ready to carry out tomorrows suicide attacks for the sake of the "Religion of Peace" and Allah 'The Merciful' (click here or here for video examples).

The only difference is that now Muslim children are being told to expand their horizons beyond places like Israel by taking the Jihad to places like Spain, France, Denmark, Germany (etc) with the same goal in mind. Expand the dominance of Islam and destroy the Infidels.

Sunday, January 01, 2006


Nothing To Do With Islam Watch - Islamic Jihad Claim Suicide Attack

Friends and relatives of 21-year-old Israeli Lt. Uri Benamo mourn next to his grave after his burial at the military cemetery of the northern Israeli city of Haifa, 30 December 2005. Benamo was killed together with two Palestinian civilians yesterday when a Palestinian suicide bomber from the Islamic Jihad blew himself up at an Israeli army checkpoint in the northern West Bank set up to avert a major attack during the Jewish holyday of Hanukkah.

Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad says a suicide bomber who killed two Palestinians and an Israeli soldier on Thursday was one of its members.
Militant? I'm sure the BBC meant terrorist.

The claim for the attack on an army checkpoint close to the West Bank town of Tulkarm was broadcast on loudhailers in the nearby village of Attil.
Like the loudhailers you'd find in a Mosque?

It said the bomber was Suhaib Ibrahim Ajami, 19, a member of Islamic Jihad's military wing, the al-Quds Brigades.

In November, an Islamic Jihad suicide bomber killed five Israelis in Netanya.

The bomber was also from a village close to Tulkarm, one of the group's strongholds.

Islamic Jihad has never agreed to the informal truce with Israel observed by the main Palestinian militant group Hamas, and is committed to Israel's destruction.

On Thursday, the al-Quds Brigades said it would not "stand by with folded arms" over Israel's shelling of a newly-declared buffer zone in northern Gaza and vowed to retaliate in the "centre of Zion".

The Israeli army has said the bomber was travelling in a minibus taxi to attack the Israeli city of Tel Aviv, but blew himself up when he was ordered out by soldiers at a temporary checkpoint and challenged.

Israel has vowed to crack down on militant groups and followed up the attack by arresting 10 Palestinians allegedly connected to the bomber.
Jihad Watch also reports that the suicide bomber was on his was to attack a children's Chanukkah party when he was thwarted at the checkpoint.